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Elixir 98% Flavour Infused CBG Isolate - 1g

Elixir's CBG Isolate is a massive 98% pure before they then infuse it with 5% of our Pure Essences specially formulated to give the best flavoured isolate in the UK. All manufactured and produced in-house from start to finish, Elixir can guarantee this amazing product is of the highest quality out there.

  • 1G
  • 98% Pure CBG Isolate
  • Infused with Pure Essences flavourings
  • Heat Sealed

Blueberry & Cherry Elixir CBG Isolate
A sweet and juicy Blueberry and Cherry fusion.

Drumstix Elixir CBG Isolate
A Raspberry Vanilla Blend, with a few hidden notes to create the lolly flavour.

Fruit Salad Elixir CBG Isolate
A blend of Raspberry & Pineapple to create the perfect old fashioned sweet we all know and love.

Pornstar Martini Elixir CBG Isolate
A refreshing cocktail made from vanilla vodka, passion fruit juice and lime juice.

Razzleberry Elixir CBG Isolate
A downpour of Raspberries and Blueberries that will drench your mouth in flavour.

Rhubarb & Custard Elixir CBG Isolate
An authentic Rhubarb and custard to delight any palate.

Strawberry Laces Elixir CBG Isolate
A Strawberry Laces sweet shop flavour.