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What Wattage Should You Be Vaping CBD At?

December 20, 2022 5 min read

What Wattage Should You Be Vaping CBD At?

What Wattage Should You Be Vaping CBD At?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive and nutritious cannabis cannabinoid. Vaping CBD can be done through a vaping device to administer the correct cannabidiol dosage. To determine the correct wattage for vaping, read this article.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid of the cannabis plant. Vaping has become the most enticing and appealing method to administer cannabidiol in your body. This CBD consumption technique generates results almost instantly. The vape oil, wattage, style, and type of vaping device determine the vaping experience. As many people are joining vaping, most inquire about the appropriate wattage they should use. This article guides you to achieve an exceptional vaping experience using the correct wattage. To get started, read it to understand the wattage specifics and its effects on vaping experience.

How Wattage Influences Your Vape

Each vape mod contains one tank coil, which heats the e-liquid. This coil utilizes power. When the current flows through it, the vaping oil is heated. While doing this, it uses a specific amount of electricity regulated by the pre-set coil’s resistance. Therefore, if the resistance is low, the mod will require greater wattage. This also governs vaping temperature, affectingvapour production, throat hit, and flavour.

Ensure you balance these aspects to acquire a maximum vaping experience. Since customers have a unique vaping experience, there is no wrong or right wattage. The ultimate strategy to identify your perfect wattage is determining how various wattages influence the vape and then try out. You may do several experiments with different coils until you acquire an ideal vaping experience.

Using the Correct Device

Vaping devices are broadly categorized into three classes; vape mods, vape pods, and vape pens. These devices are available in various sizes and shapes, with a vape’s potency approximatelymatching its size.Choi et al. (2021)reported that vape pens are portable, sleek, and small, while pods have more thickness and sometimes are available with a compatible head for various strength coils.

Although mods are the heaviest vaping devices, most vapers prefer them as they generate bigger clouds and more vapour. This amazing experience elevates throat hit that promotes the taste of the vaping oil. The mods' heaviness is contributed by a huge battery pack configured into a moulded handle. Unlike pods and pens, mods can sometimes have modifiable wattage levels using a more improved control system.

While modifying the power, the vape coil heats the vaping oil to a certain temperature. Therefore, you can adjust the vaping experience according to your desire. Most devices operate on controls that allow users to pre-set a firing pattern and set a particular wattage. Among them, mods are suitable for anyone seeking the widest array of possibilities and a modified vaping experience.

VapourProduction and Wattage

Cloud production is arguably the main reason most customers choose to vape. Practising huge billows and doing tricks such as waterfalls and vape rings is an outstanding advantage to vapers. For example, a greater wattage device implies that the coil uses more power.

 Doing that generates larger vapour clouds essential to actualize these tricks. Those who desire smaller and cooler clouds should lower the wattage. Also, vaping at high wattage culminated in utilizing much vaping oil. Suppose you desire to use less than a cistern of vape oil in one day, maintain the wattage at minimal ranges.

Wattage and Flavor

Staal et al. (2018) stated that vaping oils are available in various flavours, such as menthol, tobacco, chocolate, and vanilla. You need higher wattage for maximum rich and strong flavors like chocolate, coffee, and tobacco. Fruity tastes like blueberry and peach have better flavour with lower heat, and hence minimal wattage.

Menthol requires lesser wattage to generate an ideal cooling experience while vaping. Adapting your suitable wattage enables you to improve vaping oil flavours and reap exceptional results. In doing that, confirm the device's lowest and highest wattage options to know whether to increase or decrease. Experts recommend that vapers not exceed the prescribed wattage because it increases the chances of burning out coils easily.

Understanding Your Device

Besides the taste of your vape oil, desirable vapour, and the perfect throat sensation, understand how your vaping device works. For beginners who desire a designer experience, consider vaping devices that permit you to change wattage settings to match your desires. Such tools allow you to experiment with various vapours and flavours at varying wattages. This helps you to determine your perfect wattage.

 According to Chen et al. (2018),coil resistance differs from one vaping gadget to another and sometimes varies between 0.1-3.00 ohms. Here, lower wattage permits you to utilize a lower voltage, and the higher wattage enables you to apply a greater voltage. For instance, with a 2-ohm coil, the normal wattage to achieve an ideal experience will range between 3.3-4 volts and 3-16 watts.

In this regard, the consumer must determine the accurate wattage that their devices can use. This also must include the anticipated vaping experience and the device’s capability. Most customers, particularly newcomers, acquire an outstanding vaping experience with approximately ten watts. As the experience increases, the consumer can gradually escalate the wattage to about 40-50 watts.

Generally, experienced vapers vape with about 50-75 watts. However, most of them upsurge the wattage provided they incorporate some techniques. According to Tran et al. (2017),the higher the wattage, the shorter your coil and battery life. If the vape produces a burnt flavour, reduce the wattage before replacing it. Also, clean your device consistently to achieve an outstanding vaping experience.


As established, several factors are considered when determining the proper wattage for anyone to vape. For example, your perfect wattage depends on the vaping device used, the desired feeling or effect, preferred vaping oil, and practical issues such as battery life. Determining the accurate wattage might not happen immediately,although it is an important vaping part. While experimenting, you will gradually achieve an ideal wattage which offers the best-vaping experience. Once you choose your device and determine its minimum and maximum wattage, experiment with various wattage levels. This helps youachieve an accurate vapor, flavour and preferred experience.


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