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He Shou Who? Get to Know the Brilliant Benefits of This Powerful Adaptogen

November 29, 2022 3 min read

He Shou Who? Get to Know the Brilliant Benefits of This Powerful Adaptogen

You may already be familiar with the power of our adaptogens such a Ashwagandha, Reishi, or Mucuna Pruriens. However, He Shou Wu remains the underrated herb.

Otherwise known as Fo-Ti, this medicinal herb is integral within Chinese culture having been known as one of the most powerful herbs of their time. This herb goes beyond it’s extraordinary name; it also holds an interesting origin story. 

Centuries ago, in 812 AD, a frail old man named Mr. He had fallen asleep in a forest after a night of heavy drinking, and had awoken to discover He Shou Wu. Upon discovering this peculiar vine, he had decided to begin incorporating this regularly into his meals, and only a week later, he had found that his strength had returned, as well as his dark black hair colour, fertile abilities, and even sexual drive and energy, resulting in the title “He Shou Wu” which translates to “He’s Black Hair''.

Moving from the capturing story behind this herb, let us delve deeper into it’s benefits on the body based on scientific research: 

Supports Hair Growth

He Shou Wu is the holy grail of hair health in Chinese Medicine. Studies show that He Shou Wu appears to transition hair follicles from damaged, dormant stages into rejuvenated, fast-growing ones that resemble hair growth patterns in the young. If you suffer from hair fall or your hair has lost its lustre, then He Shou Wu is perfect to get your mane looking (and feeling) healthy again!

Boosts Your Sexual Desire

Just as He Shou Wu was able to restore Mr. He’s fertility, research displays that this part of the tale is true to life. This herb serves as an aphrodisiac, by stimulating the adrenal gland’s production of sexual hormones, as well as bringing balance to the endocrine system. Making it a great libido boost and restoring vitality.

Improvement Of Sleep 

If you suffer, from insomnia, He Shou Wu just might be your Shou-lmate. According to numerous studies, multiple herbs including He Shou Wu, Valerian, Rhodiola, and many more, have been reported to be able to effectively improve sleep, as well as other mental disorders. He Shou Wu was found to be not only the most commonly prescribed herb within China, but also powerful in benefitting the lifestyles of many individuals as well.

Promotes Longevity

The magical man in this herb’s origin story was not only was able to return his hair to it’s luscious black colour, he was also believed to live until 160 years of age. A bit of a stretch, we know, but to support this tale, science has proven that this herb has the ability to stimulate the production of longevity-promoting substances such as Superoxide Dismutase which works to protect the body from a plethora of diseases. It is also said to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties meaning it can help remove toxins and rejuvenate the skin.

How to feel the full effects of He Shou Wu?

Turn “He Shou Who?” into "He Shou Wow”, and feel the full benefits of this herb by consuming it on the regular. Our He Shou Wu can easily be added into drinks—hot or cold, smoothies, soups, and food. Additionally, research shows that it’s benefits are greatly improved by cooking it alongside black beans; the heat initiates chemical reactions that enhance this herb’s healing abilities (He Shou Wu spiked brownies anyone?!?).