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What Wattage to Vape CBD E-Juice

December 20, 2022 5 min read

What Wattage to Vape CBD E-Juice

What Wattage to Vape CBD E-Juice

You may want to know what wattage is right to vape CBD e-juice. This article clarifies the wattage to vape CBD and the benefits of vaping.

CBD vaping is one of the most efficient ways to consume cannabidiol due to its quick way of delivering effects to the body. Vaping involves inhaling the vapor produced by heating CBD e-juice from a vape device. CBD vape juice, also known as CBD e-liquid, contains all the primary ingredients of a normal e-liquid but uses CBD extract instead of nicotine. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound derived from hemp, a cannabis plant. The cannabis plant has more than one hundred chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD are the most popular compounds of this plant. It is the main psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant. However, unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. People use CBD-based products such as CBD e-juice to tap the benefits of cannabis without getting stoned.

What Is the Right Wattage to Vape CBD E-Juice?

When vaping, you don't have to crank your wattage too high because the coil might get hot and burn the cannabidiol. This can make your CBD product go to waste. When vaping your favorite CBD e-juice, it is recommended to keep the wattage low for the best experience. Most experts recommend the "adjust to taste" method to find a suitable wattage for you; start at as low as 10 watts. You can gradually increase it until you find the one that works well for you. You need a small amount of heat to turn your CBD e-juice into vapor to inhale. Smets et al. (2019) suggested that users keep their wattage between 10 to 30 watts for the best vaping experience.

How Does Wattage Affect Your Vape?

Every vaping device has a coil, the main heating element during vaping. The coil passes an electric current and heats the e-juice,vaporizing it. The coil uses a limited amount of power set by the coil's resistance. A vape mod with lower coil resistance will require more wattage. This also determines the temperature of your vape mod, affecting vapor production, throat hit, and flavor. Users should try and balance these three elements for an enjoyable vaping experience. There is no correct or wrong wattage. The key to determining the ideal wattage for you is understanding how different wattages impact your vape device and overall vaping experience. You might need a few tries with different coils, but it is the best way to have an enjoyable vaping experience.

Wattage and Vapour Production

Many users in the vaping community enjoy cloud production. Doing vape rings, waterfall tricks, and playing around with larger clouds are among the biggest hits for most users. A high-wattage vape mod provides more power to the coil, producing larger vapor clouds.Lower-wattage vape devices are for users who enjoy smaller and cooler clouds. It is also important to note that using a high-wattage device means you will end up using more e-juice. Therefore, lowering your wattage is the best choice if you don't want to use more e-liquid.

Wattage and Flavour

CBD e-juices come in various flavors like strawberry, mango, mint, chocolate, vanilla, and more. Getting the best out of certain flavors generally requires more wattage. Some flavors also come out better with less heat, hence less wattage. Sargent et al. (2021) claimed that mint flavorsrequire less heat (less wattage) to produce the cooling experience as you vape.

Wattage and Throat Hit

Using a high-wattage device gives a stronger throat hit. People who want to wean off smoking desire this feeling. Some non-smokers also choose high-wattage vape mods simply because they enjoy the sensation of a throat hit. Although the type of e-liquid you choose also impacts throat hit, wattage affects the same.However,  if you aren't into the intensity of throat hit, use a lower wattage. Vaping with a higher wattage reduces the battery life, which requires you to change your battery frequently.

Benefits of Vaping CBD

The primary benefit of vaping CBD is that it is a more efficient way of consuming cannabidiol. CBD vaping has a higher bioavailability than other delivery methods, such as oral ingestion. Vaping is an effective way to experience the effects of CBD within minutes. Other benefits of vaping CBD lie in the cannabinoid's wellness benefits. They include the following:

Reduces Pain

One of the greatest benefits of vaping CBD is cannabidiol's ability to relieve pain. CBD interacts with serotonin receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which leads to an increase in serotonin levels that induce a reduction in pain sensation. Eskander et al. (2020) suggested that CBD has great potential as a pain reliever. CBD can treat back pain (Eskander et al. 2022) and musculoskeletal pain, among other types of pain.

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Mental health issues like stress and anxiety can be debilitating. Young (2021) showed that patients dealing with stress and anxiety disorders could tap into the anti-anxiety benefits of cannabidiol by vaping CBD. CBD's anti-anxiety benefits lie in the cannabinoid's ability to target serotonin receptors by influencing the release of serotonin neurotransmitters. Blessings et al. (2015) showed that CB could be an excellent treatment for stress and symptoms related to anxiety disorders.

It May Help Individuals Quit Smoking

Another benefit of vaping CBD is that it may help one to quit smoking. Users who want to quit smoking often prefer high-wattage vape mods that provide a stronger throat-hit similar that is familiar to smoking.

Improves Sleep Quality

Cannabidiol boasts an array of health benefits, and the ability to improve sleep quality is among the most important benefits. CBD gets into the bloodstream and interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which regulates most body functions, including sleep. Shannon &Opila-Lehman (2016) revealed the effectiveness of CBD for pediatric anxiety and insomnia. The study above found that CBD is a safe alternative to traditional psychiatric prescriptions for treating anxiety and insomnia.


Many factors help determine the correct wattage to vape CBD e-liquid. The ideal wattage depends on your vape device and the kind of effect you want to feel. CBD experts recommend vaping at less than 30 watts for the best experience. Knowing your device's resistance is best, so you don't exceed the set limit. Too high a wattage can damage your device, burn your CBD vape juice, and make it less effective.


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