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What Is the Best CBD Cream for Arthritic Knees?

December 19, 2022 5 min read

What Is the Best CBD Cream for Arthritic Knees?

What Is the Best CBD Cream for Arthritic Knees?

Full spectrum is considered the best to treat CBD cream for arthritic knees. This article explains CBD, the best CBD cream for arthritic knees, factors to consider to get the best, and how full spectrum CBD works.

CBD has been used to treat arthritis for many years. Its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving characteristics make it ideal for treating the pain associated with arthritis. Arthritis is a condition that no one wishes to have. It makes individuals feel uncomfortable, and they may also experience difficulties sleeping. CBD cream has become one of the favoritemethods to consume CBD because they only have to apply and massage it on the affected area.

What Is CBD?

According to Mead (2017), CBD is a substance derived from the cannabis plant. It is among over 100 chemical substances found in cannabis sativa plants. Unlike THC, CBD does not make individuals. It has calming properties that make individuals feel relaxed and calm after a long and tiring day. Whether consumed orally or directly into the skin, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system to function more effectively, improving sleep and reducing pain, anxiety, depression, and stress. Individuals can take CBD in different forms, including drinks, vapes, topicals, and edibles. They are methods of delivering cannabidiol to the body but differ in their bioavailability and consumption.

What Is the Best CBD Cream for Arthritic Knee?

Three types of CBD creams are used to treat arthritis. They include CBD isolate creams and full and broad-spectrum CBD creams. CBD isolates only THC, no additional compounds; broad-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids found in the cannabis Sativa plants except THC, while full-spectrum CBD contains all the compounds in broad-spectrum CBD, including THC. Full-spectrum CBD cream is considered to be the best for treating arthritis knees. This is because it contains traces of THC. When CBD is combined with small levels of THC, its effects become more powerful and more effective. They bring the entourage effect. However, some individuals dislike THC, so CBD isolate, and broad-spectrum CBD creams will be the better alternative. According to Hammell et al. (2016), full-spectrum CBD cream is a better therapy for pain, anti-inflammation, and relief. Individuals who want to experience instant pain relief should apply full-spectrum CBD cream on the affected area may be beneficial.The therapeutic effects of CBD are potent when combined with other cannabinoid substances found in the cannabis sativa plant, such as flavonoids, terpenes, and THC. CBD aids reduce inflammation,causing pain associated with arthritis. Full-spectrum CBD contains THC in low quantities, below 0.2%, which cannot make individuals feel high.

How to Choose the Best CBD Cream for Arthritis

Individuals should consider some factors when looking for the best CBD cream for arthritis.

Type of CBD to Buy

Full-spectrum CBD cream is considered the best to treat arthritis knee pain. This is because when CBD is combined with small levels of THC, its effects become more effective and potent. However, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate are the best for individuals who don't like to consume CBD since they do not have THC. CBD products are not regulated, so it is up to individuals to look for the best product

Research CBD's Websites

Individuals are advised to visit the CBD website first to get the best brand from them. They should read each brand's review to know the best brand to purchase the product from. A company with positive reviews will likely sell the best products since many people like them. A brand with negative reviews indicates that the products have problems and may not be safe for human consumption.

Certificate of Analysis

Individuals should ask for third-party lab test results and a certificate of analysis. This ensures the product is of high quality and safe for consumption. Some manufacturers fail to disclose these facts. Users should stop buying from them. Consumers should also ask about the method that was used for the extraction of the product. CO2 is considered the best when it comes to extracting CBD. Some other extraction methods may leave contaminants behind that harm the human body. It is always good to consider purchasing a product that has undergone a CO2 extraction method.

Check the Ingredients

Individuals should ask or see on the label the ingredients indicated there whether they might be allergic to their skin or not. They should also look at the amount of THC in the product. Some products may have large quantities of THC that can make individuals feel high and show up on a drug. An effective CBD product should contain THC levels below 0.2%. Any amount above this limit is considered illegal and may be harmful to the body.

How Full Spectrum CBD Cream Works for Arthritic Knees

According to Stojkovski (2022), full-spectrum CBD creams can treat pain like arthritis, knees, and other related pain. CBD is absorbed into the opened pores, interacting with the surrounding cannabinoid receptors.According to Brave (2019), CBD cream does not enter the bloodstream; something individuals should not worry about if it will make them feel high. The human body has a system known as endocannabinoid receptors responsible for controlling many activities in the body. It controls pain, sleep, appetite, anxiety, stress, depression, immune response, and reproduction. These receptors send messages to this system. This is whereby individuals start experiencing pain relief, sleep improvement, and reduced anxiety and stress. CBD cream and other topicals work where they are applied. For instance, applying CBD cream on the abs when the legs are painful will not be effective. Individuals should always be careful when buying a CBD product to get the best quality for their condition. They should also look at the ingredients in the cream and whether they are allergic to them.


Full-spectrum CBD cream is considered to be the best CBD cream to treat knee arthritis. However, it is always good to consult the doctor to help determine the right CBD cream for your condition. This is a condition where individuals experience a lot of pain. CBD has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, making it the best treatment. It reduces pain by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin. There is no standard dosage for arthritis since individuals are different. A low dosage can be effective for one person and may not work for another. Individuals should always start at low dosages to determine the right dosage and increase gradually when the body responds well. By doing this for a week, individuals can get their right dosage.


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