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What Is CBD Cooling Cream Used for?

December 19, 2022 5 min read

What Is CBD Cooling Cream Used for?

What Is CBD Cooling Cream Used for?

CBD Cooling cream is a topical product used to cool flushed skin. This blog explains how CBD cooling cream works and its benefits.  

Most people might not know a solution to cool flushed skin apart from dipping it into water. As the name suggests, cooling creams are made to cool the skin. Cooling creams are made with different ingredients that give them a refreshing feel when applied to the skin. With the rise of different beauty products incorporated with CBD, cooling creams are also available. The creams are a subset of cannabis topicals with more skin benefits. They have little or no side effects and are used in various skin types.

What is CBD Cooling Cream?

Some beauty products are made specifically to give the skin a refreshing relief from heat or conditions that leave it flushed; such conditions make the skin need some cooling mechanisms. That is what cooling creams are for. These cooling beauty products are made with ingredients that make the skin feel refreshed and calm. These products can include aloe vera, mint, lavender, cucumber, and the most common menthol. Due to the health benefits of CBD, some manufacturers incorporate it as one of the ingredients. CBD cooling cream adds Cannabidiol to offer many benefits. Cannabidiol is one of the components of the cannabis plant. It is mostly used in supplements and beauty products because of its diverse uses and benefits. Most people associate cannabis products with intoxication. However, it lacks this property due to the limited concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol, THC.   

Uses of CBD Cooling Cream

Cooling creams are applied on the skin to relieve flushed skin or heat. Besides that, the benefits of CBD can help the cooling cream do several other things. Cannabidiol interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system, ECS, which regulates moods, pain, appetite, memory, sleep, and temperature, among other things. The ECS is composed of natural cannabinoids that function similarly to plant-based cannabinoids. Commonly known ECS cannabinoids are called CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBD stimulates the body to produce more cannabinoids, promoting a healthy immune system. The benefits of CBD cooling cream are discussed below:

CBD Cooling Cream for Pain Management

CBD help in pain management. The cannabis derivative is used in clinical trials to reduce pain among patients with different conditions. Xu et al. (2020) stated that CBD had been theorized to counteract the internal activation of cells in the brain that increase pain hypersensitivity. Cannabidiol acts on CB2 receptors during inflammation. Studies show that CBD has been used for pain management in people with neuropathic pain, arthritis, chronic cancer pain, and headaches. Khaleghi (2020) stated that topical administration of CBD is more effective in managing localized pain.  

CBD Cooling Cream for Inflammation

Inflammation is an immune response to irritants such as bacteria, external injuries, or radiation effects. Due to the increased blood flow to the damaged area, the skin appears swollen and red during inflammation. Activation of CB2 receptors in the brain influences the immune system. It inhibits the secretion of cytokines which cause inflammation. Stella et al. (2021) pointed out that topical CBD reduces inflammation in conditions such as atopic eczema and psoriasis, improving the patient's quality of life. 

CBD Cooling Cream for Acne 

Tóthet al.(2019) showed that topical CBD exerted ant-acne effects over time. The study explained that CBD prevents the overproduction of sebocytes, controls inflammation caused by acne, and exerts antibacterial effects that make it an efficient anti-acne agent. 

How to Use CBD Cooling Cream

CBD cooling cream is used like any other topical; the user takes a small amount to use it and massages it in the area they want to apply. The cream can be used all over the skin or on specific areas. One should avoid applying the cream on broken or wounded skin. The cooling cream should not contact the eyes or mouth. 

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Cooling Cream

How Long Does it Take for CBD Cooling Cream to Work?

CBD cooling cream offers quick relief from the heat and skin flushing. One can expect relief 10 to 20 minutes after applying the cream; its effects are long-lasting. 

Best Time to Use CBD Cooling Cream

CBD cooling cream is used for flushed skin or to treat a surface to help with heat and is best used after showering. Like any other cream, one should apply it while the skin is still wet to prevent drying. One can also use it to relieve pain or reduce inflammation in a specific skin area.  

Will I Get High from Using CBD Cooling Cream

Products made from hemp-derived CBD do not make one high. One should not worry that CBD cooling cream will make them high; topical CBD products do not enter the bloodstream; even with high levels of THC, they cannot make the users feel high. 

What Can CBD Cooling Cream Be Used for?

CBD cooling cream relieves sweating in hot weather, giving the skin a refreshing and cool feeling. It can also be used for pain and inflammation. Since the topical application of CBD has proved to help in acne management, it leaves one with healthy and smooth skin. 

Where to Apply CBD Cooling Cream

CBD cooling cream is meant to be applied topically on the skin. One can apply it on the whole body or in specific areas that need relief. The cream should not enter the mouth or come in contact with the eyes. 


The topical application of CBD cooling cream and its ingredients, such as menthol, relieve hot, flushed skin. The cream can also relieve pain and inflammation and relieve aches. One can apply the cream all over the body like any other lotion or use it for specific areas that need relief. CBD cooling cream is only meant to be applied topically and should not be used in the mouth or on open wounds. Regular use of CBD products will give one understand how their body reacts to it and help them come up with a specific dosage amount. For a beginner, it is advised to start with a small dose and increase gradually. Users should purchase CBD products from reputable brands for maximum benefits. 


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