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What Happens If You Eat Expired CBDGummies?

December 16, 2022 4 min read

What Happens If You Eat Expired CBDGummies?

What Happens If You Eat Expired CBDGummies?

While purchasing CBD gummies, you will find a best-before date on the label. This article will discuss what happens after you consume expired CBD gummies and how to avoid consuming expired CBD gummies.

CBD has become popular. Vendors have come up with better and easier ways of ingesting CBD in the body. Not all users are comfortable with smoking CBD. Different forms of ingesting CBD include tablets, topicals, and gummies. CBD gummies come in different flavors and shapes. However, they can go bad after some time like other foodstuffs. There is no certain period forthe longevity of the gummies due to the different proceduresmanufacturers use to make them. Some gummies last longer than others.

What Are CBD Gummies?

According to Lindsay et al. (2021), cannabis edibles are CBD-infused sweeteners.CBD is a non-psychoactive compound obtained from the cannabis plant. CBD gummies are advisable for beginners because of their sweet taste. You can consume them without anyone noticing. They are portable; you can carry  CBD gummies in your bag or pockets. They do not intoxicate a person since they contain a small amount of THC, which cannot make a user high.

Do CBD Gummies Expire?

All CBD products, including CBD gummies, expire after some time, making them less effective or not giving the desired effects.Frietze et al. (2018) claimed that CBD gummies might last 12-24 months when stored under proper conditions. Gummies are not a quick method of getting CBD into your body because they are chewed, swallowed, and go through the digestive process before absorbing into the bloodstream by the liver. This process delays users getting the desired effects.Most CBD users prefer vaping for quick effects. However, consider checking how long they last to avoid consuming expired CBD products.

What Happens After Consuming Expired CBD Gummies?

Users experience the following after consuming expired CBD gummies:

No Effects

Users experience a calming and soothing effect that leads to relaxation after consuming CBD gummies. However, expired gummies will not result in any effects. Expired CBD gummies are not effective.

Physical Discomfort

Expired CBD gummies may not result in some health-threatening issues or make you sick, but you may feel discomfort after ingesting them. Their flavor and taste change becoming unpleasant. Throw away the expired gummies before the texture and structure change.

Side Effects after Consuming Expired CBD Gummies

It is not advisable to consume expired CBD gummies because they would have lost their potency. The gummies may result in side effects and will not be effective. Ingesting expired CBD may result in dangerous chemicals since it starts breaking down. Lachenmeiere& Walch (2020) claimed that the side effects of expired CBD gummies are headache,vomiting, reduced appetite, diarrhea, nausea, and dizziness. Some users consume CBD gummies after the expiry dates since they do not rot like foodstuffs. Their potency reduces, but it is not advisable to consume expired gummies. Ensure to seek medical attention if you consume outdated CBD gummies.

Ways of Avoiding Expired CBDGummies

Expired CBD gummies are minor cases since many consumers take them after purchasing them.It is important to know how to prevent your gummies from expiring and ensure they taste good. These various ways include:

Do Not Purchase from a Company with a Bad Reputation

Purchase your products from a company with a good reputation to avoid low-quality CBD gummies. According toJohnson et al. (2022), some vendors sell CBD products with inaccurate labels. Therefore, the product may become less effective and threaten consumers' health.

An improper extraction method results in poor-quality CBD products. Some manufacturers use alcohol because it is cheap instead of CO2 making the gummies last for a short period. According to Drew Hinton et al. (2022), CBD must undergo testing like all other drugs. When purchasing CBD gummies, request a  third party's reports to  ensure the products are free from harmful ingredients that may be poisonous or make the gummies expire quickly.

Avoid Overstocking

Buying more gummies than you need can make them expire due to overstaying. Avoid overstocking. However, you can keep some extra packs if you are taking CBD gummies as a medication.

Check the Shelf Life

Check the expiry date on the label when buying CBD gummies. Some manufacturesr do not indicate the shelf life on the label, so you should confirm the batch number and request the expiry date.

Proper Storage

According to Delta et al. (2022), CBD gummies should be preserved in a dark and cool area to preserve potency. Sunlight, oxygen, and heat may reduce the potency of the gummies.

Ask for Recent Stock

While purchasing CBD gummies, avoid picking the ones on display because they are not preserved in the appropriate environment. Some vendors put old stock on the shelves;requestthe latest CBD products toavoid purchasing expired goods.


CBD gummies may change from tasty sweet flavors and well-shaped pops to expired and tasteless. There are ways of preventing your gummies from going bad. Purchase the gummies from a company with a good reputation, store them properly,and purchase the recent stock. Avoid overstocking CBD gummies. The other key is to check your gummies' expiry date before purchasing them.Avoid consuming expired CBD gummies causing adverse effects.


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