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What Does CBD Vape Do?

December 19, 2022 5 min read

What Does CBD Vape Do?

What Does CBD Vape Do?

CBD vape boasts various health benefits, including; pain relief, anxiety alleviation, and improved sleep quantity and quality. This blog discusses what CBD vaping does, including the basics of CBD and CBD vape dosing.

CBD is one of the numerous chemical compounds in the hemp plant. It is popularlyknown for various healthbenefits, especially its ability to soothe the user due to its relaxation andcalming properties. Unlike THC, it is non-intoxicating.  There are various ways this compound is consumed, including vaping. Vaping cannabidiol is one of the fastest delivery methods since it goes directly to the bloodstream. The effects are felt almost instantly. It offers a greater bioavailability than other delivery techniques. Although more research is needed to confirm its long-term effects, it is considered safer andhealthier than traditional smoking. Research available confirms that it produces beneficial effects in tackling various health conditions.

Basics of CBD Vape

CBD vape is a liquid with cannabidiol as its major ingredient. It is mixed with another base oil for thinning purposes. Unlike smoking marijuana, vaping CBD does not cause any mind-altering effects. CBD vape has multiple flavors and strengths, suiting every vaper's needs.

Benefits of CBD Vape

cannabidiol contains numerous therapeutic qualities. Below are some of the health benefits of CBD:

Relieves Anxiety and Other Mental Health-Related Disorders

Cohn (2022) showed that CBD vaping is an effective treatment for anxiety and other mental health-related symptoms. Individuals with these symptoms are turning to CBD vape liquids since they rarely cause any side effects and are non-psychoactive.Individuals with anxiety should avoid THC products since they worsen the condition because it is psychoactive. In the UK, CBD products do not have THC amounts exceeding 0.2%, making them safe and legal.

Upon inhalation, CBD vape interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors and activates the productionof serotonin and dopamine receptor; as a result, it provides anxiety relief. It decreases the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. Stanciu et al. (2021) proved that CBD works more effectively in treating anxiety than placebo treatment.

AlleviatesInflammation and Pain

Most et al. (2020) proved that CBD is a potential pain treatment. Upon inhalation, it interacts with the cannabinoidreceptorsresponsible for transmitting pain signals to the brain neurons. As a result, it promotes relief t the patent. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent and can tacklevarioustypes of pain, such as neuropathic and joint pain.

Alleviates Cancer-Related Symptoms

Vaping CBD can tackle various side effects of chemotherapy treatment, such as nausea, pain, and vomiting. Grimison et al. (2020) stated that its anti-emetic properties ease vomiting and nausea, whereas its anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities tackle pain. Besides, CBD prevents infected cells from affecting healthy cells.

Improves Sleep Quality and Quantity

Inadequate sleep causes low energy levels, as a result, reducing an individual's productivity throughout the day. Vaping CBD helps regulate sleep cycles, improving sleep quality. Shannon et al. (2019) noted that most vapers confirm that a high dose of CBD at night makes them sleep better while vaping low amounts in the morning makes them stay alert. Besides regulating sleep cycles, vaping CBD controls the REM stage, making you stay asleep longer. CBD tackles the various causes of sleep disturbances, such as pain and anxiety, thanks to its pain-relieving and anxiolytic qualities.

Improves Focus

There arevarious causes of low energy levels, including anxiety, stress, inadequate sleep, and depression. Most individuals link cannabis products to drowsiness and lowenergy levels. However, CBD is the complete opposite. Moltke et al. (2021) suggested that vaping CBD boosts individualfocus,concentration, and mental clarity.

Benefits Heart Health

There are various causes of cardiovascular conditions, such as high blood pressure. Liu et al. (2019) stated that CBD has the potential to lower high blood pressure. Even though research is still in its infancy stages, the available information suggests that CBD reduces arterial stiffness, which affects hearthealth. It also improves blood flow in the arteries, resulting in a healthier heart.

CBD Vape Dosing

CBD vape does not have a standard dosage. Various factors affect the amount of CBD vape you should inhale for your conditions. They include:

Body Weight

Individuals with a higher body weight require  a higher dose of CBD vape than those who weigh less


Older individuals should take a lower amount of CBD vape since their endocannabinoid system can tolerate that compared to younger users.

Body Metabolism

Individuals with a higher body metabolism can take a higher dose of CBD vape compared to people with lower body metabolism

Frequency of Use

First-time vapers must begin with a  lower amount of CBD vape since they introduce a foreign substance into their body.

The Severity of a Condition

The severity of your condition influences the amount of CBD vape you should inhale. Some conditions require a higher amount of CBD compared to others. For instance, low CBD vaping is required for mental clarity and focus, whereas high amounts tackle chronic pain and sleeping conditions.

The rule of thumb regarding CBD vape doses is to begin low and slow. Once your body gets used to it, you may gradually increase your way up until you get your desired results. Additionally, it is vital to consult a medical doctor regarding the dosage. Inhaling high amounts of CBD vape causes adverse reactions such as dry mouth, fatigue, and changes in appetite.


Vaping has become one of the most common CBD delivery methods due to its high bioavailability and fast-acting effects. Various vapers inhale cannabidiol for different purposes. For instance, some improve their sleep quality and quantity since CBD has been proven to manage the sleep cycle and tackle pain and anxiety, which are the major causes ofinadequate sleep. Apart from that, due to its anti-emetic and analgesic properties, vaping CBD can also help tackle the various side effects of chemotherapy treatment, such as nausea and pain. Other reasons individuals vape CBD include; boosting focus and mental clarity, relieving pain, and alleviating anxiety. While vaping CBD for any health condition, it is vital to seek medical guidance first.


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