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What Do CBD Edibles Do?

December 17, 2022 5 min read

What Do CBD Edibles Do?

What Do CBD Edibles Do?

The use and innovations surrounding CBD have grown greatly from how they used to be before. This article explains what CBD edibles do as well as their possible side effects.

Beyond the popularity of different methods of taking CBD, like vaping and CBD topicals, taking CBD edibles is one of the main methods of taking CBD. CBD edibles are consumed orally and are available in different forms, including cakes, candies, chocolates, gummies, drinks or other food products. Some CBD edibles, like gummies, are flavored, making them sweet and easy to consume. CBD edibles are readily available in retail stores in most countries, although some countries have not legalized the use of CBD products.

What CBD Edibles Do

CBD edibles are products or foods taken orally and contain CBD. Some edibles have other compounds of hemp or cannabis plant. Edibles are gradually broken down in the digestive system, and in the process, CBD is absorbed into the body. Regarding how CBD works in the body, there are two types of cannabinoids involved. The phytocannabinoids and endocannabinoids. A body produce endocannabinoids, while phytocannabinoids are available in hemp or other cannabis products like edibles. After taking CBD edibles, the phytocannabinoids bind with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system to help with various body functions.

Taking CBD edibles helps the body in many ways. Some of the benefits of taking CBD edibles include:

Treatment of Seizures

CBD can enhance the release of neurotransmitters to act on the brain mechanism that causes seizures. This can help in preventing epilepsy. It is also important to note that a drug referred to as epidiolex, made from CBD, has been approved to treat epilepsy.

CDB Can Reduce the Risk of Lung Irritation

CBD edibles provide an alternative way of taking CBD instead of vaping, which may be a possible cause of lung irritation. Even though vaping is a widely used method of taking CBD, more research can help determine whether taking hot air can cause long-term side effects. Many vapour pens contain thinning agents, such as propylene glycol, that may produce toxic carcinogens when heated at temperatures above 436.

Help to Ease Chronic Pains

Taking CBD gummies is one of the easiest ways of introducing CBD into the body, which can help reduce pain. Chronic pains can affect different parts of the body and can be more severe when it affects different parts simultaneously. These types of pains can cause anxiety, depression and insomnia. Taking CBD can help address these pain-related issues.

According to McWilliams & Walsh (2017), chronic pains may occur due to inflammations. For example, according to Eitner et al. (2013), arthritis pain is caused by inflammation in the tissues around the joints. Currently, most people use prescription medications to treat chronic pains, but unfortunately, they experience some unpleasant side effects. Taking CBD edibles instead is an option for preventing side effects associated with medicines for chronic pains. After taking CBD edibles, you get a general feeling of relaxation in the body; therefore, pain is reduced. Mecha et al. (2013) state that cannabinoids are active anti-inflammatory substances that works well in restraining cell production. This means that taking CBD edibles can relieve inflammations in the body.

Alleviate Sleep Disorders

Some sleep issues can resolve themselves over time, but the more serious ones can be long-term and can affect a person's mood and overall health. According to Moltke &Hindocha (2021), taking CBD edibles before sleeping can make people suffering from sleep disorders sleep well. CBD oil in the edibles can also help relieve symptoms of sleep disorders by reducing their severity.

It May Benefit Heart Health

Taking CBD edibles is associated with benefits for the heart and circulation system. These benefits also include lowering blood pressure. There are several risks associated with high blood pressure, including heart attack and stroke. Jadoon et al. (2017) states that taking CBD benefits users suffering from high blood pressure.

Reduce Symptoms Related to Mental Health Disorders

Mental health disorders can harm the well-being of an individual. When treating mental health disorders using pharmaceutical drugs, the patient may experience side effects such as drowsiness, insomnia, sexual dysfunction and headaches. CBD has shown an ability to reduce some of these side effects. You should consult your doctor if you intend to take CBD gummies, especially when you are under doctor's medication.

Side Effects of CBD Edibles

With the many benefits associated with taking CBD edibles, the user may also experience some side effects. The side effects of CBD edibles are less intense as compared to those caused by taking THC edibles. These side effects includes:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Increased heart rate
  • Vomiting

Reports of users of CBD experiencing side effects are not frequent. CBD may help end addictions for people who have created a habit of using THC products. CBD is not addictive. Users should not be worried when using CBD gummies. The best way to avoid the minor side effects of CBD gummies is to avoid taking too many. Taking too many gummies results in a high dosage intake. When buying CBD edibles, choose those tested by a third-party laboratory. The laboratory analyses the ingredients used to make the product, including the hemp or cannabis compounds used. They also check for possible contaminations that can cause harm to the user.


Taking CBD edibles is an excellent way of CBD intake. The CBD market offers a wide range of different forms of CBD edibles giving CBD users options to choose from. When evaluating CBD edible products in the market, always consider the manufacturer's reputation. This is because many CBD edibles in the market do not meet good quality product standards and, therefore, can be harmful for consumption. Some of these products may contain too much CBD and may result in some side effects on the user. Since different CBD edibles are made from different types of CBD, users who do not like the psychoactive effect caused by THC can opt to take CBD edibles made of CBD isolate.


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