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What Are CBD Gummies' Side Effects?

December 16, 2022 5 min read

What Are CBD Gummies' Side Effects?

What Are CBD Gummies' Side Effects?

CBD gummies are safe for human consumption, although they have some risks. This article explains what CBD is, the side effects of CBD gummies, and when they may occur.

CBD gummies are an effective and safe anti-seizure medication. More research is required to determine CBDs' safety and other potential benefits. CBD is a compound derived from the cannabis sativa plant, but it does not comprise THC, a psychoactive component obtained from the marijuana plant that makes individuals feel high. Although CBD is safe for consumption, it has some side effects. They are unless individuals purchase CBD from an unreputable company offering low-quality. CBD products are not regulated; individuals should ensure they purchase from the right manufacturers. This helps avoid getting products with impurities causing harm to the body.

What Is CBD?

According to Marinotti& Serial (2020), CBD is a substance obtained from the cannabis sativa plant. It is well known for its potential benefits for the human body. It improves the health of individuals and overall wellness. According to Black et al. (2019),CBD  can treat some conditions in the body, like anxiety, insomnia, depression, pain, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, diabetes, schizophrenia, and Parkinson's disease. When individuals consume CBD, they feel relaxed, more energized, and calmer. CBD  does not make individuals' high' since it does not contain THC, which has psychoactive properties.

What Are CBD Gummies Side Effects?

Although CBD is safe for human consumption, individuals may experience side effects. Some companies claim their products to be the best and sell them cheaply to attract customers. CBD gummies'side effects are common and disappear after a while. They include;


Brown &Winterstein (2013) claimed that individuals might experience sedation and drowsiness after consuming CBD gummies. They may feel tired or sleepy throughout the day. The outcomes may be stronger if individuals consume CBD gummies and sedating medications.

Vomiting and Nausea

Best (2022) discovered that some people reported vomiting and nausea after consuming CBD gummies. This results from consuming large amounts of CBD. However, individuals react differently to CBD gummies.Some people may experience trouble digesting CBD gummies resulting from an empty stomach. This happens especially to first-time users. It is best to start with a small amount of CBD products and increase until the body responds well. Individuals should also consult their doctor to explain more about CBD products and how they may affect them.

Gastrointestinal Issues

According to Cariou etal. (2021), some individuals reported gastrointestinal issues, such as liver problems anddiarrhea, when consuming CBD. This may be due to the carrier oil used in CBD products. They may include propylene glycol, avocado, coconut, and olive oil.


Cases of dizziness are linked with CBD consumption. The sensitive ingredients in the CBD product may cause dizziness. This is why it is crucial to investigate all the components in the CBD product before buying in case of allergies or any other ingredient triggering a reaction.

Dry Mouth

Since CBD gummies involve chewing, there may be a lot of saliva production. Sagy et al. (2019) claimed that dry mouth might result from higher levels of THC, which is mainly linked to this symptom. Individuals should always check the CBD product they are purchasing. It contains THC levels below 0.2% to avoid side effects like dry mouth.

Changes In Weight and Appetite

Some individuals experience changes in their weight and appetite after consuming CBD gummies and other CBD products. According to Herbert & Hardy (2021),CBD products are frequently used for terminal patients in palliative care to increase appetite. However, this is the most popular side effect of CBD products.

When Do CBD Side Effects Occur?

Severe side effects are rare when individuals consume CBD products. This is because they are considered safe and effective for human consumption. Consumers experience common side effects after taking CBD, but they disappear quickly. New beginners frequently experience them. They should start with small amounts to see how their body reacts and work their way up if their body responds well. These side effects may commonly occur depending on the CBD product's quality. Many disreputable brands in the market are looking to earn money quickly and easily in a rapidly developing industry. This implies they have sub-standard processes to extract the product. Some methods use harsh chemicals which remove the natural components of the pant. These processes are unsafe since they may leave behind small quantities of toxic composites, harming the human body. According to Izzo et al. (2020), the extraction method is the most efficient and cleanest for deriving CBD products. When purchasing CBD gummies or any other CBD product, they should ensure the brand of their choice offers significant lab tests to check the purity of the product. This will also make individuals confirm the product does not comprise high levels of THC compound,making them high. Since these CBD products are not regulated, users should be careful when selecting them. The higher amounts of CBD can alter the mental state of the users, increasingthe chances of complications in the body.

According to Brown &Winterstein (2019), CBD products may interact with other medications users take. Before consuming CBD, consult a doctor and explain all the supplements, vitamins, and medications you are on. The doctor will give you guidelines on what to do when you want to try CBD products.


Although CBD is considered safe, it has side effects like diarrhea, vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness, change in appetite and weight, gastrointestinal issues, nausea, dry mouth, and tiredness. Some side effects are common and disappear after a short period. Individuals should be keen when purchasing CBD gummies or other products. They should ensure they get the product from a reputable company. A reputable brand will sell CBD products of high quality and with the right amount of THC. THC above 0.2 % in CBD may alter the mental states of individuals.


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