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What Are CBD Edibles?

December 17, 2022 4 min read

What Are CBD Edibles?

What Are CBD Edibles?

Cannabidiol is becoming one of the most widely used supplements in modern days. This article focuses on what CBD edibles are, the effect of CBD edibles, and their benefits.

Choose the best form to take CBD edibles. Some options include vapes, oils, and CBD edibles. Taking CBD edibles is the most popular option preferred by most users. CBD edibles are readily available in the market, and it is easy to use them, and their effect on the body occurs a few minutes after taking them. Taking edibles is safer than vaping, causing serious side effects to the liver.

What Are CBD Edibles?

An edible is a CBD product you can eat. They are ingestible and infused with CBD oil. CBD does not cause a high. THC is a compound causing intoxicating effects. Wu (2019) stated that cannabidiol interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body, performing various body functions like regulating sleep, mood, reproduction, and immune functions. There are many types of CBD edibles in the market you can buy online or in a local shop nearby. Although CBD products are increased, it is still illegal to use CBD or products related to it in some countries. The most common CBD edibles are dominant and balanced CBD/THC edibles. Balanced edibles contain equal amounts of CBD and THC, while CBD dominant hasfeweramounts of the two compounds. Edibles containing THC may cause a high feeling due to the available THC. It determines the level of intoxication caused by taking the edibles.

Making CBD Edibles

CBD edibles can be made from three types of CBD: full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolates.

Full-Spectrum CBD Products

Komarnytsky et al. (2021) statedfull spectrum CBD products are made from a combination of the whole profile of the cannabis or hemp plant. Products made from cannabis and hemp are not the same and do not offer similar experiences. Products from hemp and cannabis can be named as a full spectrum, but they are different. The main reason is that the traces of THC are different. Hemp full-spectrum CBD products contain 0.2% THC. THC Full spectrum cannabis products contain cannabis ingredients like terpenes and other molecular compounds in a cannabis plant, including THC. Full-spectrum products from the hemp plant contain compounds forming the chemical profile of the hemp plant.

Broad-Spectrum CBD Products

According to Working (2022), these products contain cannabis or hemp compounds, but THC is not included in making the products.

CBD Isolates

CBD isolate products do not contain other hemp compounds except CBD. They are made from industrial hemp rather than actual cannabis.

Forms of CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are of different forms that include:

  • Cakes
  • Hard candies
  • Gummies
  • Chocolates
  • Cookies
  • Capsules

Gummies are the most popular forms of CBD edibles. You need to decide the kind of experience you expect after taking them if you want to take CBD edibles for the first time. However, if you want a higher experience slightly lower than the one you can get by taking CBD dominant flower, taking full spectrum products can be a good option. Take products with dominant CBD for a full wellness experience.Although CBD edibles are readily available in most shops, grocery stores, and other retail stores, their quality is not always guaranteed. Research before buying CBD edibles to avoid buying products harming your body. Buying from a reputable company is a good option.

The Effect of CBD Edibles

The main difference between CBD edibles and CBD oils is the method of consumption. CBD edibles are chewed and swallowed, while oils are consumed through sublingual methods. Their effects kick in differently. CBD taken by eating edibles goes through the digestive system, which takes more time before being absorbed into the bloodstream to make an effect in the body. Working (2022) claimed that CBD edibles take about 30 minutes to cause effect and can last about 2-4 hours. Some factors may affect CBD edibles metabolism in the body. They include your activity level, height, weight, and what you have eaten the same day you take the edibles.

Benefits of CBD Edibles

They Provide a Long-Lasting Relief

CBD edibles take time to be fully broken down in the digestive system. Therefore, CBD is released gradually over time. This makes users experience an extended feeling of relief.

CBD Edibles Are Easy to Make

Making your edibles is easy. The procedures are simple and less time-consuming. CBD edible-making recipes are readily available online and easy to try out.

CBD Edibles Provide a Whole-Body Effect

CBD edibles affect different body functions providing a variety of benefits. You do not need serious medical conditions to enjoy the benefits of using CBD gummies.

CBD Is Non-Psychotropic

Edibles made from CBD isolate do not have psychoactive effects on the body. Users who need CBD without the THC compound can take these products. They can give a feeling of relaxation and a sense of positive energy. According to Shannon &Opila-Lehman (2015), CBD edibles can ease addictions for people addicted to THC.


The convenience you get by using CBD edibles makes them a favorite option for taking a daily dose of CBD. Their advantages, like good taste, portability, ease of use, and others, enable CBD users to enjoy using them anytime. You can decide when to take the edibles depending on why you are taking them. For example, taking CBD edible for sleep is preferred a few hours before bedtime. Since the use of CBD is unregulated in most countries, there is a high possibility of finding CBD gummies in the market with a questionable standard in quality. Users should be careful while buying CBD products.


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