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The Benefits of Broad-Spectrum CBD Topical Lotion

December 19, 2022 4 min read

The Benefits of Broad-Spectrum CBD Topical Lotion

The Benefits of Broad-Spectrum CBD Topical Lotion

Broad-spectrum CBD topical lotions relieve localized pain and inflammation to their users. This article explains their benefits, how to choose and use the lotions, and their potential side effects.

CBD topicals have become one of the most commonly used ingredients in manufacturing skincare lotions because of their ability to suppress common skin problems and improve the skin's appearance. Broad spectrum is one of the three main forms of Cannabidiol. The other forms are full-spectrum, and CBD isolates. The cannabis-infused topical lotions under the umbrella of broad-spectrum CBD contain other hemp plant compounds except for THC.

Benefits of Broad-Spectrum CBD Topical Lotion

The broad-spectrum CBD lotions contain other skincare ingredients like vitamins, essential oils, and other herbal extracts. Below are the benefits of broad-spectrum topical lotions:

Reducing Signs of Ageing

Using broad-spectrum CBD topical lotion supplements your skincare routine. Baswan et al. (2020) stated that CBD is a moisturizer, antioxidant, and anti-inflammation compound. After CBD gets absorbed into your skin, it promotes oil production in the lipids helping to prevent dry skin and other appearances like fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

To Control Psoriasis

According to Yap (2018), CBD's anti-inflammatory properties control inflammations caused by psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes skin inflammations. The condition has mainly been treated using prescription medication. Because of the side effects associated with prescription drugs, CBD topical provides an ideal alternative for topical lotions.

Reducing Effects of Burns and Rashes

Broad-spectrum CBD lotions contain moisturizing effects, which help to ease conditions such as rashes and burns. One should not use CBD lotions on open wounds to avoid adverse side effects.

CBD Creams Are Effective For Acne

Bhadra (2020) stated that Acne is a skin condition mainly because of hormonal imbalance. CBD can get deep under the skin's pores, moisturize skin, and suppress acne.

Minimizes Nausea Effects

Sinclair et al. (2021) stated that patients suffering from nausea can benefit from the aromatherapy effect of CBD topicals soothing. Cannabidiol indirectly affects the brain's nausea center, therefore controlling the causes of nausea.

Relieving Arthritis

Arthritis is seen as the leading cause of disability. According to Wang (2015), arthritis is mainly caused by inflammation in joints. Though topicals are not meant to cure the affected area, applying CBD lotions on these body parts can reduce the pain. More research should be done to prove the effect of CBD in alleviating arthritis-related pains.

Controlling Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition resulting from allergies related to substances such as pollen in the air. The condition can be itchy, painful, and uncomfortable. Using CBD lotions can help with eczema because of CBD's moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. Using lotions with unscented ingredients prevents allergic reactions.

Broad-Spectrum CBD Lotions Can Help Relieve Muscles

Currently, there is no proof that CBD can treat joints and muscle pains. People have noted the positive effects of CBD lotions when used to alleviate joint and muscle pains. Kindly consult your doctor before using CBD instead of prescription medications for pain relief.

How to Use Broad-Spectrum CBD Lotion

One of the most important things about CBD lotions is that they are very easy to use. You need to identify the area experiencing pain, discomfort, or another issue that needs the effect of CBD. Apply CBD lotion just as you do with other types of lotions. The difference between using CBD lotions and other types of lotions is that for CBD lotions, you need to know the concentration of CBD in the lotion for you to use it properly. It is advisable to start with a low-dose topical and increase gradually until the dose works effectively for you.

How to Choose the Best Broad-Spectrum CBD Lotion

Many manufacturers produce broad-spectrum CBD lotions. Different brands may include different varieties of ingredients. The production methods may differ from one manufacturer to the other. For the best CBD lotion, consider the following:


Look for a topical brand that provides third-party lab testing results; the third-party results provide an objective assessment of the cannabis profile in the lotions.

Hemp Source

Ensure that the CBD used to make the lotion is extracted from organic hemp.

Method of CBD Extraction

CBD should be extracted from hemp using carbon (iv) oxide or ethanol methods; lotions made from these extraction methods are the best quality.

Strength and Potency

Although there are no universal requirements regarding CBD lotion potency, different broad-spectrum lotions vary in potency. Consult your doctor before buying the broad-spectrum lotion.

The Type of Ingredients Used To Make the Lotion

A variety of ingredients can provide additional benefits. Since some ingredients may cause allergic reactions, it is important to seek medical advice on the best broad-spectrum lotion.

Make sure you buy the lotion from a reputable company. Kindly check customer reviews about the product to ensure the product is good for use before deciding to buy. 


Broad-spectrum CBD lotions help with various conditions and improve skin appearance. Though more research needs to be done, the lotions are good alternatives for some conditions currently treated with pharmaceutical medicines. Cannabis-infused lotions contain a wide range of natural ingredients, making them reliable skin products. Consistency in CBD lotions is an ideal way to achieve the best results. You can consider broad-spectrum lotions unless you have a pre-existing allergic condition. It is important to consult your doctor before trying cannabis products; some skins are sensitive to certain ingredients.


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