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Reasons That CBD is Making You Cough

December 19, 2022 5 min read

Reasons That CBD is Making You Cough

Reasons That CBD is Making You Cough

Many things, including new experiences with some products, can bring about coughing. Through this article, you will know what CBD is, the types of CBD products, the reasons for coughing while using CBD vapes, and measures to take to reduce the cough.

CBD vape products can cause coughing in users. There are many reasons a person can cough, ranging from the product to the individual's health. Consider several factors, like the quality and source, before buying CBD vape products. Following instructions help reduce product abuse and increase its efficiency.CBD products are in three types, and they all have different ingredients. Vaping reacts to people giving them different experiences.

What Is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is an extract from the hemp plant and marijuana.CBD contains 0.3% of another cannabis extract called THC. Cannabidiol doesn't cause psychotropic effects, even with THC in it. THC  is popular with the high-feeling effect of cannabis. It is gaining fame out of many health-related advantages. Cannabidiols are of three types;

Isolate CBD

CBD Isolate is pure CBD with no other extract like THC. It is a crystal solid and sometimes a powder. This type of CBD removes all other substances or compounds from the hemp extracts leaving it pure CBD. Isolate CBD does not have a distinct smell or taste.

Full-Spectrum CBD

This type of CBD has all useful extracts from the hemp plant. These extracts are


CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are only two of many cannabidiols in hemp plants. Both CBD and THC have psychoactive and therapeutic effects in CBD products.CBD has no impairment effect, but  THC has some intoxication.


There are 150 or more terpenes in the hemp plant. These terpenes affect the fragrance of the plant. Some of these terpenes can be used in therapy.


All plants, inclusive of grains,fruits, and vegetables, among others, have flavonoids.There aredifferent types of flavonoids, and cannabis has about 20 of them. They are helpful in the therapeutic effect of cannabis.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

This type of CBD product has almost all cannabis-extracted compounds but lacks THC. This is the main difference between broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD becausefull-spectrum contains about 0.3% of THC to have federal legality.

Reasons That CBD Is Making You Cough

Ingredients In Vape Juice

The full-spectrum and broad CBD vape liquids contain additional ingredients.CBD alone can't make you cough, but the ingredient in these types of products may interact with you and cause you to cough. Terpenes irritate the throat, causing coughing. Other additives like propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) can bring allergic reactions in some people and irritate the airway.

Manufacturersadd another ingredient to make the product flavored or lower its price. These ingredients are other reasons why you might cough when taking CBD products.Having a background check of the products before buying them is good.Check for the type of CBD product if it is a full spectrum; these types have many hemp extracts, including other additives or broad spectrum.CBD isolate is purely CBD without any other hemp extract.


A dry throat may cause coughing.Vaping may cause your mouth and throat to dry because the vapor inhaled may react with the moist surface in the mouth and throat, leaving them dry. This is possible because of the (PG) content in the vape liquid.

Health Issues

Health problems that are respiratory and cardiovascular-related may cause one to cough when vaping. In such a condition, vaping is not good for you, and stopping is the right thing to do. Year (2020)  proved that where immunity is concerned, CBD can deter its response to infections. Vaping might interfere with your immune system and slows down its response to diseases.The allergy may come from the THC causing you to cough or the product's carrier oils.

Damaged Cilia

People smoking cigarettes may have damaged ciliacaused by smoking Tobacco.It damages tiny hairs found on the throat and the nose. These hairs are useful in removing dirt and mucus from the air you inhale and allow you to breathe freely. When you stop smoking, these grow back.They irritate the throat hence coughing.

Poor E-Liquid Quality

This is the most popular cause of cough among people taking CBD vape.The poor quality ofe-cigarette brands with a low quality of e-liquid causes this. Before spending on this product, ensure the value of your money and the quality of the service you want is mate.

Direct to Lung Vaping

New people to vapingand some who are trying to quit smoking by turning to e-cigarettes tend to think that bigger sizes of e-cigarettes are better. You will have DTL (Direct to Lung) vape with a large vape mod device.DTL pushes the inhaled vapor farther into the lungs. Large devices can produce extra power and create much more vapor, which might be too much for a person starting vaping or switching from smoking causing coughing.Solowij et al. (2014) show that coughing to some people using these products.  Resulting from different things.

With the MTL (Mouth to Lung) way of vaping, this technique is like how a traditional cigarette is smoked and how an e-cigarette should be smoked.

How Can You Prevent a Vaping Cough?

Try Different Inhaling  Techniques

People who switch from smoking to vaping need willpower and persistence.Those who cough as they first start vaping may need modification as vaping is slightlydifferent from smoking.Try taking a slower and light vapor intake to stop the coughing effect.When you become used to it,you can slowly take longer inhales until you find a comfortable technique.

Kechter et al. (2021) show the preventive measures for coughing when taking CBD vaping.

Change PG/ VG Ratio

large vape mod may irritate your throat by a higher percentage of PG in the e-liquid, causing coughing. Switch to a vape juice with a high ratio of VG and lower PG.

Stay Hydrated

Take the recommended amount of water a day, eight glasses. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Lower the Wattage

Some Vape mod allows adjustments to wattage and power output. The cough might result from taking in too much vapor; adjust the wattage to produce low vapor and try again to feel the experience.


Coughing is a common effect of some people taking CBD, mostly the new ones to vaping. Many factors can lead to coughing, including poor quality products, bad health, and these products ingredients. Some measures should be taken to stop the coughing. Always be cautious if you have health complications because  CBD in the blood may affect your body's reaction to drugs if you are on medication and, if not, your immunity system. It is good for people switching from smoking to starting low in vapor inhaling. Always search for CBD vape products before you spend on them to ensure good quality and a great experience.


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