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How to Pick the Best Vape Pen for CBD Vaping

December 19, 2022 5 min read

How to Pick the Best Vape Pen for CBD Vaping

How to Pick the Best Vape Pen for CBD Vaping

Choosing a good CBD vape pen guarantees an easy and convenient way of vaping. This article explains how to pick the best CBD vape pen, the parts of a CBD vape pen and the advantages and disadvantages of CBD oil and dry herb vaporizers.

CBD vape pens are simple devices that contain a heated coil used to heat the contents of the cartridge to release the mist for inhaling. CBD vape pens do not burn CBD; this helps the users to avoid inhaling carcinogens. There are two main varieties of CBD vapes. They are designed to be used with oils and concentrates and for vaping hemp and cannabis flowers. Using vape pens provides the quickest method of feeling the effect of CBD and benefiting from the effect. Read this article to understand ways of picking the vale pen for vaping.

How to Pick the Best Vape Pen

When you are looking for the best vape pens, there are several factors that you need to consider for you to buy the best item. Those factors include the following:

Price and Budget

When shopping for a CBD vape pen, what you realize first is the variance in prices. Vape pens may have different selling prices because of their technological add-ons. One of the main features of expensive CBD vape pens is temperature controls and a timer. The temperature control feature lets you regulate how the atomizer heats the product. Reusable vape pens are made of quality parts that perform extra functions, making them more expensive than disposable ones that are simple and easy to use.

Battery Life

If your daily activities involve moving from one area to another and travelling long distances, you may require buying a vape pen with a long-lasting battery. You should prioritize buying a vape pen with a large battery that would not require to be charged frequently. When shopping online, learn more about the battery life of the vape pen you want to buy in the customer review area, as well as check the product description.

Flower or CBD Concentrate

The best CBD vape pen is the one that allows you to use your preferred product, either CBD flowers or concentrates. If you intend to buy a CBD vape pen for concentrates, be keen on the ingredients available in the cartridge. Choosing a vape pen with a cartridge that contains natural ingredients is a priority. If you want a CBD vape pen for flowers, it is better to visit a CBD dispensary where you can consult with the budtender concerning the best option.

Safety Advice

Before buying devices for vaping, it is better to consult your doctor about the best CBD dosage and product. You should be careful while buying refillable vape pens because some may contain toxic ingredients that may harm your body. It is advisable to buy from a reputable brand. Kindly ask for a third-party laboratory test result for the product in the pen.

Parts of the Vaping Device

To choose the best vape pen for CBD, you need to understand the different parts of the vaping device.

Vape Pen Tips

They are of different sizes, shapes and materials. The type of vape pen mouthpiece depends on your preference.

Oil Tank

A vape pen tank is a part of a vape cartridge where oil is put.

Oil Inlet

A bigger inlet is better for thicker CBD oils. There is no need to care about the oil inlet if you want to buy a disposable vape pen.

Airflow Hole

Make sure that you buy a cartridge compatible with the airflow hole. The airflow hole is either at the bottom of the or the top near the tip. Since some airflows are adjustable, you can use them to change vapour quality.


According to Varlet et al. (2016), atomizers create vapour by heating the CBD material. Atomizers can be made of ceramic oils or cotton wicks. They are responsible for heating the oil as it passes and providing a good flavour.

Temperature Controls

Temperature controls help to customize the vape, and this preserves terpenes. Changing vape temperatures helps to create a variety of effects.

Dry Herb Vape Pens and Vape Pens for CBD Oil and Concentrates

Dry herb vape pens allow CBD users to vape hemp flowers and raw cannabis. Evans (2020) states that they work using convection and conduction. Vape pens for CBD oils and concentrates converts them into vapour.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CBD Oil Vape Pens

Vape pens are easy to use. If you want to start using CBD, Vaping is one of the easiest methods. Most CBD oil vape pens are cheap, giving CBD users a good option for vaping rather than using a costly dry herb or concentrate vaporizers.

Peace et al. (2016) stated that most CBD oil vaporizers contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Some CBD users find this as a disadvantage because there are concerns that these ingredients can be potentially inhaled when vaping CBD oil. According to Liu (2019), some CBD vapes may contain harmful substances that can endanger the health of CBD consumers by causing headaches, dizziness, drowsiness and others.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dry-Herb Vaporisers

Vaped buds can be reused for making edibles and tinctures. Dry herb vapes can be used for cured cannabis, preventing possible addiction.

Most dry herb vapes require cleaning, and they are costly to purchase. They do not produce large clouds of vapour; therefore, they may disappoint CBD users who like chasing vape clouds.


If you intend to buy a CBD vape pen online, check customer reviews and product descriptions. Getting high positive feedback about the product means that it is our good quality and it serves the intended purpose as required. If a brand selling CBD vape pens has a low rating, its products may be of questionable quality. A good quality vape pen would have a positive lab test result that lists all the ingredients, especially for the contents of the CBD oil and other ingredients making the liquid in the tanks. Some CBD vape pens may cost more, while others, like disposable ones, may be cheaper.


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