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How to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice At Home

December 19, 2022 5 min read

How to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice At Home

How to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice At Home

Cannabidiol (CBD) vape juice is a vapeable liquid enriched with cannabidiol compounds. Preparing this product at home requires havingthe main ingredients and other supplies, measuring, and blending the ingredients. Read this article to know how to make your vape juice at home.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive and nutritious cannabinoid constituent.Preparing such CBD vape juice at home is easy and enjoyable. You are already there if you have the correct ingredients and appropriate tools. Interestingly, nothing beats homemade cannabidiol vape juices. More importantly, they are cheaper than those purchased from online stores and shops. Not to forget, you can customize its constituents according to your choice. Nowadays, the cannabis domain is flooded with deceptive e-juices, making it difficult to choose the correct one. Herein, you are guided on how to make yours locally.

5 Simple Steps to Prepare Cannabidiol Vape Juice at Home

Varlet (2016) defined CBD vape juice as a vapeable liquid enriched with cannabidiol compounds. The following are the simplest steps that will enable you to prepare cannabidiol vape juice without any struggle:

Determine its Main Ingredients

To design a sweet cannabidiol vape juice (isolate formulation), you should understand the ingredients below. Since you are preparing a standard cannabidiol e-juice, it must constitute the following components:

Propylene Glycol (PG)

This thinning agent is among the fundamental compounds for preparing local vape juice. PG is an artificial non-chemical substance derived from fresh veggies and has colourless and odourless properties. Generally, it is incorporated into tobacco products.

CBD Isolate

Cannabidiol isolate constitutescannabidiol exclusively in its cleanest formulation. The manufacturers remove all cannabis components while making this extract. Therefore, it has neither terpenes nor tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive molecule. According toAqawi et al. (2021), CBD isolate has about 99.9% cannabidiol concentration and is a bright white compound.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

This thinning agent provides the vape juice with sugary taste traces and is fairly denser. It makes an incredible distinction in flavour. PG and VG have been certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Food Flavoring

You may incorporate any desirable taste into the vape juice. Nevertheless, experts recommend that vapers integrate tastes purposely designed for smoking or vaping. In that case, you require about 10-20% of your desired tastes and suppose you need a stronger option, incorporate 5% seasonings.

Supplies Required to Make Homemade Cannabidiol Vape Juice

To prepare a homemade cannabidiol vape juice, you require the following:

  • Seasonings
  • Chosen flavourings
  • One needle syringe
  • Pure vegetable glycerin
  • 30 ml glass bottle
  • Pure propylene glycol
  • Cannabidiol isolates 500 mg for beginners and 1000 mg for experienced vapers.

The above quantities are enough to prepare a 30 ml cannabidiol vape juice. However, you can change them depending on your anticipated quantity.

Measure the Quantities

This recipe is designed to prepare a cannabidiol vape juice for 30 ml. This is an excellent deal for newcomers. It requires a proportion of 40 VG- 60 PG. Therefore, for that proportion, you require 18 ml of PG and 12 ml of VG, which you can measure using a syringe. But many flavourings are pre-dosed with PG.

 Hence, subtract the flavor amount from that of PG in that scenario. However, you don’t have to worry about accidentally adding a little amount. Specialists report that accidentally incorporating one extra milliliter of VG or PG does not prompt unhealthy results. After doing so, measure 500 mg of cannabidiol isolate, which produces 16.6 mg concentration.

Blend the Ingredients

Blend the listed supplies in this procedure. Dissolve the cannabidiol isolate in propylene Glycol. Incorporate the remaining ingredients. Take 18 millilitres PG in your bottle. For those whose flavourings have PG, take 15 millilitres of propylene Glycol and 3 millilitres of flavour. After that, incorporate cannabidiol isolate crystals into it. Once through, cork the bottle on its cover and shake.

Put your bottle in a container with hot water and allow it to rest for about ten minutes. After that, shake your bottle strongly. Repeat that technique until your bottle's constituents become transparent without cannabidiol crystals. Once done, incorporate 12 millilitresof vegetable glycerin and shake your bottle for approximately two minutes.

Ready to Vape

If you have monitored the above procedure accurately, your vape juice must be vapeable. Put it into the vape cistern. If required, customize that product with various cannabidiol compounds like terpenes. To vape, ensure you fill the tank and prime the vape coils, just like standard nicotine juice. The specialists encourage users to prioritize mouth-lung atomizers. If you are comfortable with its taste, exchange it with direct lung equipment. According to Romano &Hazekamp (2019),cannabidiol taste can have bitterness, and it is essential to consume slow puffs until the body tolerates it.

Due tothe high propylene glycol percentage, the juice may be harsh on your throat. Thus, certain flavours, such as lemon, can cover that bitterness and enable you to experience the maximum cannabidiol benefits. Certain consumers prefer incorporating terpenes into their DIY cannabidiol vape juice to generate a natural feeling. If you desire that, ensure that your terpenes are plant-sourced and friendly to vaping.

Only terpenes sourced from hemp or cannabis are health friendly when vaped and guarantee the maximum possible experience. More importantly, choose the correct flavour profile and amount. According to Bertuzzi et al. (2018),terpenes have high flavour concentration, so you can detect their presence even when a small amount is incorporated into a product. Thus, these were the simplest steps to prepare homemade quality cannabidiol vape juice. With that, you can make several recipes according to your preference.


As mentioned above, making homemade CBD vape juices is among the simplest and most enjoyable processes. First, you need the main ingredients, such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, food flavouring, and cannabidiol isolates. Take the required supplies, including seasonings, chosen flavourings, and a 30 ml bottle. After that, measure the appropriate quantities, and blend the ingredients. Following the correct procedure, your end product will be ready for vaping. To make it unique, you can customize your DIY cannabidiol vape juice with hemp or cannabis compounds such as terpenes. With that, follow the right method and vape your product.


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