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How to Make CBD Cream

December 19, 2022 5 min read

How to Make CBD Cream

How to Make CBD Cream

Individuals can make CBD cream on their own at home. This article explains CBD, how to make CBD cream, the benefits, and where to find them.

CBD cream has become one of the favorite methods to consume CBD. It has therapeutic properties making it ideal for relieving pain. Users prefer this cream to CBD oil because it applies to the affected area and receives instant relief. They are easy to make, and individuals can make their own at home. They do not make individuals feel high since it does not enter the bloodstream. It is absorbed through the skin's pores, where they interact with the nearby cannabinoid receptors to relieve pain and treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes, and inflammation. Use this article to know more about making CBD cream.

What Is CBD?

According to R de Mello Schier et al. (2014), CBD is a chemical derived from cannabis sativa plants. It is a non-psychoactive substance that cannot make individuals feel high. THC is a compound also obtained from the cannabis sativa plant responsible for making individuals high, especially when used in high quantities. When CBD is combined with traces of THC, its effects become stronger and more effective. There are many ways to consume CBD. It all depends on the consumer's preferences and tastes. Individuals can take CBD through edibles, drinks, topicals, and vapes. Cannabidiol has three types: full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD is mostly used since it contains THC, which has an entourage effect.  However, CBD isolates and broad-spectrum are the best options for individuals who dislike THC. CBD offers many therapeutic and healthy benefits to the human body. It helps treat some conditions in the body like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, stress, and lack of sleep.

How To Make CBD Cream

Individuals can make their own CBD cream at home since it involves a few simple steps. CBD creams are made the same way CBD lotions are made, but their difference is that they contain more oils than water, becoming thicker than oils. The ingredients required to make CBD creams include decarboxylated CBD, essential oils, menthol, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera gel, and beeswax. Each ingredient provides several benefits to the skin. CBD oil provides various health benefits, such as stress management, supporting sleep, and pain management. According to Pergolizzi Jr et al. (2018), menthol is a compound that offers a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. It has been shown to assist in alleviating physical distress when applied and massaged into the skin. According to Israel (2014), shea butter has a role in keeping the skin moisturized. It softens and hydrates the skin. Beeswax also softens and hydrates the skin. It also assists in exfoliating and cleansing the legs and arms by eliminating dead skin. Essential such as lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus reduce irritation and act as a soothing agent. It helps mostly athletes to reduce their muscle soreness or joint pains after a strenuous exercise.

Individuals should also have cookware such as glass jars, cheesecloth, measuring cups and spoons, double-boiler, mixing bowls, sheet pan, and oven. Decarboxylate the cannabidiol to form CBD oil. This is done by heating the hemp flower on a sheet pan for around 20-30 minutes. Individuals should add one cup of coconut oil to the broiler and heat it until it melts. Decarboxylated CBD should be added to the melted coconut oil and heated at low temperatures for about forty-five minutes stirringsporadically. Once the CBD oil is made, it is time to combine the other ingredients. Individuals should mix half a cup of shea butter, half a cup of aloe vera, a third cup of beeswax, menthol, and a few droplets of essential oils into the CBD oil to make the salve. This mixture should be heated at low temperatures while stirring to ensure everything is mixed well and uniformly.Transfer the combination to the glass jar for preservation and cooling. CBD cream is ready to consume when it is hardened and cooled. Since the cream is sensitive to temperature and light, it is crucial to store it in a dark and cool place. Ensure your hands are clean when using the cream to prevent contamination.

Benefits of CBD Cream

When individuals apply CBD cream to the skin, it plays a major role in the human body. It helps reduce irritation and discomfort. This is because CBD cream, lotions, and other topicals enter the muscle tissues, interacting with the endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for maintaining the body's equilibrium and controlling physical and mental activities like anxiety, sleep, pain, stress, and depression. Athletes use CBD cream or other topicals to ease muscle soreness after strenuous exercise. Its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties make it ideal for treating pain.

Gebashe et al. (2022) showed that CBD cream helps rehydrate and nourish the skin. It helps individuals have dry, chapped skin. It also cleanses the skin, fights wrinkles,and moisturizes the skin. CBD  prevents aging, giving individuals a smooth and youthful appearance. It also helps treat skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, sunburns, eczema, rashes, and inflammation.

Where to Find CBD Cream

Some people prefer buying ready-made CBD cream to making it at home. CBD creams are available in physical stores and online shops. According to Vlad et al. (2020), in the UK, CBD is legal as long as it has a THC level below 0.2%. So individuals can purchase the product freely. CBD is not regulated; individuals should be careful when buying it. They should look for a reputable company to ensure they get the right quality safe for consumption. Users are advised to ask for a certificate of analysis and third-party lab test results. However, if a company refuses to disclose the certificates, consumers should refrain from buying the product. This means their products are of poor quality and could contain contaminants unsafe for human consumption.


CBD creams are simple to make. Individuals can make their own at home with the right ingredients. They include; CBD oil, essential oils, menthol, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera gel, and beeswax. The components have benefits for the body. CBD creams help individuals with skin conditions like sunburn, dry skin, and eczema. They keep the skin moisturized and nourished. They also reduce irritation and discomfort and make individuals relax. This relaxation makes individuals fall asleep more easily. This is helpful to people with insomnia. However, when buying CBD cream, individuals should be careful to get the best, safety product. This is because CBD is not regulated, and individuals can get poor-quality products in the market that are unsafe for consumption.


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