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How to Eat CBDEdibles

December 17, 2022 5 min read

How to Eat CBDEdibles

How to Eat CBDEdibles

When taking CBD edibles, it is important to begin with a lower dosage, especially for beginners. This blog discusses how to take CBD edibles, including the basics of CBD edibles, why individuals eat them, and factors to consider before purchasing them.

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that naturally exists in the cannabis plant. Packed with multiple properties, it tackles various health conditions, including insomnia, pain linked to several conditions such as arthritis, mental health-related symptoms of anxiety, and increasing focus and concentration. Although there are various ways to take CBD, CBD edibles are an excellentchoice because they are discrete. Ensure the brand you get it from is reliable and trusted before getting your CBD product. It should contain proof of third-party lab test results to confirm the product's safety and quality.

Basics of CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are drinks and food infused with Cannabidiol as their main active ingredients. Although theirpopularity has grownrecently, they have been in the market for quite some time. CBD edibles include; CBD-infused gummies, chocolates, mints, cooking oil, and soda. The greatest advantageof CBD edibles is users feel its effects without necessarily smoking. It is a fun and delicious way of taking your daily CBD dose. Lo (2022) suggested that CBD edibles'effects may take approximatelythirty minutes to two hours to be felt. This is because they travel to the gut before reaching the bloodstream upon consumption. The effects last longer, between six to twelve hours.

Taking CBD Edibles

Newbies are advised to start low and slow on CBD edibles dosage.

Check the amount of CBD  in a single dose. This helps you know the amount of CBD to consume to avoid an overdose or an underdose. Break the edible or remove one of it before sealing its package. You may break the edible in half if the whole dose is too much for you. Since CBD is not advisable for children, ensure to store that package in a place where they can't get it.

Once your body tolerates CBD, you may gradually increase the dose until you find your desired effects.

Take a lower dose to avoid adverse effects if it's your first timeusing CBD edibles.

Consume the Edible Two Hours Before

Since CBD edibles first pass through the gut before reaching the bloodstream, its effects may take some time to kick in. eat the edible since Cannabidiol is absorbed sublingually. Swallow the rest of it to allow complete absorption of CBD.

Marcotte et al. (2022) claimed that you might feel itseffectsthirty minutes after taking CBD edibles.

When taking CBD candies or mints, it is recommended to suck themforthe effects to kick in faster.

Try Another Dose if the Effects Don't Kick In Within Two Hours

During digestion of the edible, you may feel relaxed, less pain, and less stressed depending on why you took it. You may cut the other edible in half and consume it if the effects take longer. Although it won't hasten the process, it increases the concentration, and the higher the concentration, the more noticeable the effects.

Avoid taking multiple complete doses if the effects don't kick in immediately since you may experience various side effects like drowsiness, dry mouth, andfatigue.

WhyIndividuals Eat CBD Edibles

For Sleep

Shannon et al. (2019) noted that CBD edibles improve sleep indirectly by tackling various causes of low-quality sleep, such as pain and anxiety. CBD is packed with analgesic and anti-anxiety properties and alleviates pain and anxiety, making you feel more relaxed. As a result, you get to sleep better. Taking the edibles one hour before bedtime is advisable for the best result. CBD edibles are advantageous over other sleeping aids medication since they are non-dependant and rarely cause any side effects when taken in the right amount.

For Anxiety and Stress

Blessing et al.(2015) suggested that CBD edibles boast anxiolytic qualities that help reduce anxiety. Upon consumption, it interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system receptors. Sales et al.(2018) suggested that CBD increases the production of the feel-good hormones; serotonin and dopamine and reduces the release of cortisol, the hormone responsible for negative feelings and thoughts. Users feel less stressed and anxious.

Factors to Consider Before Buying CBD Edibles

Lab Reports

Ensure the company provides the lab reports before purchasing any CBD edible. These reports confirm the product's safety and quality. An independent lab should test the product to avoid biases. A legitimate company has proof of third-party lab test reports. It analyses the cannabinoid content level, the presence of harmful substances such as pesticides and heavy metals, and the purity levels of the product. These factors give you a clear picture of the product's quality.

Extraction Method

There are various extraction methods utilized when processing CBD edibles. However, thepreferable one is carbon dioxide. This technique uses pressurized carbon dioxide. It's the ideal method sinceit does not use solvents that interfere with the flavor and purity of the product.It offers a cleaner and safer substance.

Organic Hemp

Choose a product whose source is organic hemp. This type of hemp is cultivated without toxic substances such as pesticides whichend up in the final product. The toxins interfere with how the body absorbs CBD.

Type of Extract

There are three formulations of cannabis extract. Although none is superior to the other, they have advantages and disadvantages.

Full Spectrum

According to Marinotti et al.(2020), full-spectrum CBD has all the other cannabinoids in the hemp plant, including an insignificant amount of THC not exceeding 0.2 percent.It offers the entourage effect, whereby all the other cannabinoidswork with CBD to boost its effects.

Broad Spectrum

Broad-spectrum CBD has all other chemical compounds except THC

Isolate CBD

CBDisolate has pure Cannabidiol. No other chemical compound is available.

Other factors include the following:

  • A Durable and user-friendly package
  • Positive customer reviews
  • A trusted source
  • The potency of the product
  • Flavor
  • Whether it offers a clean formula


CBD edibles are foods and beverages infused with cannabidiol oil as their main activeingredient. They include; chocolates, gummies, honey sticks, and cookies. When eating CBD edibles, if you are a first-timer, you should begin with a slower dose and see how the body reacts to it. Once your body tolerates it, gradually increase it until you find your desired results. However, if you do not feel the effects within two hours, you may increase half the dosage. While purchasing CBD edibles, there are various factors, such as the edible, lab reports, and CBD source.


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