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How to Choose the Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream

December 19, 2022 5 min read

How to Choose the Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream

How to Choose the Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream

Pain relief topicals like CBD cream may offer relief when joints or muscles hurt. However, choosing the best cream in local hemp or drug store can be tricky. This blog explains how to choose the best muscle pain relief cream and the factors to consider when buying the products.

Pain relief creams or topical analgesics are applied to the skin to provide relief and calming effects. They are alternative treatments to opioids causing adverse health risks. The most commonly used topical painkiller is CBD cream, infused with CBD oil. It is mostly used to treat muscle pains and other skin discomforts without triggering harmful effects. However, purchasing the best CBD cream for pain sensations can be tricky and confusing for some patients. There are many ways to determine the right pain relief cream, but high CBD potency is the first key consideration.

CBD and Muscle Pain

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a healthy chemical compound extracted from the leaves and flowers of cannabis strains. Upon extraction, the compound is diluted with carrier oils to create CBD oil infused with pain relief topicals like creams. The cannabinoid has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties reducing and relieving muscle pain.

When CBD cream is applied to the affected muscle area, the cannabinoid penetrates the dermal layers of the skin where the receptors are highly concentrated. According to Garcia et al. (2019), CBD interacts with the muscle cannabinoid receptors to block sending of pain electrical signals into the Central nervous system (CNS), providing muscle relaxation and relief.

Eskander et al. (2020)explained that applying CBD topicals can relieve muscles pains in the following ways:

  • CBD is enriched with healing organic nutrients like amino acids and omegas,promoting cell reproduction in healing soreness and tissue tearing to trigger muscle aches.
  • Muscle pains can be caused by skin damage associated with free radicals. CBD interacts with skin cannabinoid receptors to neutralize chemical reactions and protect the skin tissues from further damage.
  • CBD treats excessive muscle inflammation triggering pain. Excessive inflammatory response by muscle cells or affected skin cells can trigger pain sensation.

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream

Some cosmetic products are infused with low-quality or harmful ingredients. Therefore, if you are dealing with serious body discomforts like muscle aches, be cautious with the type of pain relief cream you buy. A wrong choice can worsen the pain, trigger drug dependency, or be ineffective in giving results. The best pain relief creams are CBD creams, an approved topical analgesic by the Food Standard Agency (FSA). Therefore, consider the following factors to choose the best CBD creams:

Brand Reputation

A manufacturer can alter the quality of the CBD cream. Check the reputation of the producer of the pain-relief cream by analyzing other customers' comments and ratings. Be cautious with manufacturers who are poorly rated or negatively commented on. According to Gibbs et al. (2019), in 2018, the UK parliamentary chamber allowed CBD products for public consumption, but FSA must approve manufacturers of these products. Therefore, consider buying CBD cream from an authorized brand submitting their novel food application to FSA, and having a cannabis permit.

CBD Source

Marijuana-derived CBD topicals are illegal in the UK.Buy pain-relief creams whose CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp. The plant ensures the endproduct is of high CBD potency and quality. Applying CBD directly to the skin for muscle pain requires topicals concentrated with CBD molecules for fast and effective relief. Bmarijuana or cannabis indica-derived CBD creams contain a low concentration of the active compound and are less effective in tackling muscle soreness and pain.

Go Organic

It is crucial to research the cultivation method used to grow industrial hemp for your CBD cream. Hemp plants cultivated using farming inputs like fertilizers or pesticides contaminate CBD topicals with chemical residues. The chemicals harm skin health and lower CBD's effectiveness in relieving muscle pains. Other ingredients in the cream should be organic to provide additional nutrients like vitamins and minerals in treating body pains.

Extraction Methods

Companies use different extraction methods in deriving CBD oil for pain relief creams. Some processes leave harmful solvents like ethanol that lowers the health effects of CBD. Most skincare experts recommend customers buy pain relief topicals infused with CBD extracted using C02 or cold pressing extraction. They ensurequality cannabis products with no contamination of chemical solvents.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

COA is a lab result posted public for customers to know the purity and quality of ingredients infused in products. Read the COA alongside the CBD pain relief cream to help you know the CBD potency, THC level, and any presence of chemical residues.


Regular pain relief creams are cheap but mostly accompanied by undesirable risks such as product addiction, itchiness, and skin rashes. CBD creams are expensive but affordable. They are more effective in relieving muscle aches and have no adverse effects. Therefore, buying an expensive, quality CBD cream is better than unreliable regular pain relief creams.

CBD Cream Type

The type of CBD cream to be used matters a lot in treating muscle pain. There are three types of CBD cream in the skincare industry, namely:

Isolated CBD Cream

Isolate CBD cream is characterized by high CBD potency since it contains only CBD molecules with other contamination of other hemp phytochemicals. It provides instant relief frompain but imposes a risk of overdosing on the cannabinoid.

Full-Spectrum Cream

It contains all the hemp cannabinoids, including traces of THC (not more than 0.2% of total weight). In relieving muscle soreness, it provides entourage effects associated with additional healing benefits of other cannabinoids like Cannabigerol (CBG).

Broad–Spectrum CBD Cream

Broad-spectrum CBD cream is the most recommended topical for dealing with body discomfort. It comprises terpenes and almost all cannabinoids except THC.  It effectively relieves muscle pains but provides aromatherapy effects associated with terpenes.


Regular topical painkillers can trigger harmful effects like skin itching in relieving muscle pains. However, CBD creams can do better pain relief without affecting skin health. CBD cream improves the natural muscle healing processin relieving pain. Therefore, buying CBD cream is the first pick in choosing pain relief topical. However, the high demand for CBD has caused most companies to produce ineffective, low-quality CBD creams. Buying analgesic creams with CBD sourced from organically cultivated hemp plants and a reputable brand can help you narrow your choice.


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