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How Often Should I Vape CBD?

December 19, 2022 5 min read

How Often Should I Vape CBD?

How Often Should I Vape CBD?

Vaping is one of the methods for consuming CBD. Use this article to find out how often one should vape CBD, its benefits, and frequently asked questions about CBD vapes.

Vaping CBD is one of the most common methods of enjoying CBD. It allows the CBD to get into the bloodstream faster through the lungs offering quick effects. It is easy to inhale the puffs, and users may find it difficult to control the times they use CBD vaping. People try vaping for the first time, and after several uses, they prefer using the method to ingest CBD. You may wonder if there is a limit on the number of times you should vape CBD in a day. How often should one vape CBD? Is there a standard dose and frequency? This article answers the question of how often an individual should vape CBD.

What Is CBD Vaping?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the compounds present in the cannabis plant. In the UK, legal CBD products are derived from the hemp plant and should follow set regulations. CBD products are available in different forms and can be administered differently. Some, like gummies and pills, are ingested orally. CBD oil can be taken under the tongue or swallowed with water. Most CBD beauty products, such as creams and soaps and used on the skin. CBD e-liquid or vape juice is a type of CBD  made to be inhaled. The liquid is placed in a vape pen and heated to become vapor which can then be inhaled through the mouth and absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs. CBD products are legal in the UK as long as they contain no more than 1mg of THC. This is the compound in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol, responsible for the intoxicating effect. Kis et al. (2019) compared inhaling CBD to the intravenous method since they both allow the product to get into the bloodstream fast. People prefer vaping because it is the quickest method to get CBD benefits.

Benefits of CBD

People use CBD because it gives a calm and relaxing effect that can help one sleep easily. Shannon et al. (2019) mentioned that the use of CBD helps with anxiety and improves sleep quality. Mlost et al. (2020) explained that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties making it helpful in headaches, pain management, and inflammation. Kis et al. (2019)reviewed that CBD has been used in managing several cancer symptoms.

How Often Should One Vape CBD?

There is no standard dosage or frequency when it comes to CBD products. How often an individual should consume CBD depends on several things.

Type of Vape Product

How much and often one uses CBD vape depends on the type of vape pen. Different products hold different amounts of CBD. Low-powered vape pens might produce a little amount of vapor per puff. In contrast, high-powered vaporizers produce a high amount of vapor; one hit might be enough.

Type of CBD

The type of e-liquid matters. CBD comes in diferent potencies. High-potency CBD has high strength, while low potency has low strength, which means one might need to use it a few times.

One's Needs

Personal needs will determine how often one uses CBD. People use CBD daily to deal with anxiety or work stress-related issues. Some people use CBD once in a while for headaches. When one determines their CBD dosage, they might need to use CBD a few times to have the desired effect.

Body Chemistry

CBD products have different results depending on individuals. This depends on gender, metabolism rate, and weight. While to some people, one puff is enough for a day, others need a few rounds to have the same effect. Individuals need to determine how CBD affects them to know their specific dosage amount.

Cannabis Products Tolerance

Some people tolerate cannabis products after using them for a long time. Such people might need high doses of CBD to feel the effects rather than those not used to them.

Frequently Asked Questions on CBD Vape

Does Vaping CBD Make one High

Wang (2020) pointed out that inhaled CBD is not intoxicating and cannot make one high. The euphoric high effect people get after smoking cannabis products comes from another compound, tetrahydrocannabinol, THC. This product is less legal than CBD vape products. The UK's legal THC in CBD should not exceed 1mg per product.

Is it Okay to Vape CBD with Other Medications?

Brown &Winterstein (2019)  explained that CBD had been known to interfere with metabolizing other medications. A person under a drug prescription must ask for a doctor's opinion before vaping CBD while under medication.

Side Effects of Vaping

Inhaling cannabis products might have effects on the lungs. Most people report lung-related cases associated with THC. It is important to practice moderation when vaping CBD. Kurlyandchik et al. (2021) pointed out that effects associated with CBD can be dry mouth, vomiting, drowsiness, fatigue, and increased heart rate. These side effects might be mild and can be tolerated. Individuals should follow the recommended dosage of CBD and always start with a small dose.

Can I Use CBD Oil in Vape Pen?

CBD oil is not meant to be used in vape pens. It should not be used as a substitute. CBD vape e-liquids are vapourised so they can be inhaled. This product is not as thick as CBD oil.


How often one vape depends on the type of CBD, vaping device, needs, and body. Goals and expectations determine how often one vapes. There is no standard dosage for CBD products, and people react differently. It is recommended to start with the smallest dosage available and increase gradually until one gets the desired effects. Some people may need a single puff for a day, while others need several. Most people find vaping twice or thrice a day enough to positively affect them. However, one can vape CBD as often as one wants.


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