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How Many Times a Day Can You Apply CBD Cream?

December 19, 2022 5 min read

How Many Times a Day Can You Apply CBD Cream?

How Many Times a Day Can You Apply CBD Cream?

Suppose you are experiencing skin dehydration, inflammation, and muscle aches, yet normal creams aren't as effective. This article discusses CBD creams, how many times you can use them, how to purchase the right CBD cream, and the benefits of CBD cream.

CBD cream relieves various skin conditions, including inflammation, pain, acne, and eczema. It is organic and has minimal side effects. It is widely available in several local and online stores. CBD creams can be applied once or a few more times daily, depending on the treated medical condition. The dosage depends on the product's potency and tolerance to CBD. You do not need to worry about CBD creams' legality, although you must ensure you purchase the cream from a certified vendor. While applying the cream, let it settle for a few minutes to ensure it absorbs properly into the skin.

What Is CBD Cream?

A topical cream with cannabidiol added is known as CBD cream. Although it is not much different from conventional creams, the addition of cannabidiol gives them an advantage.

An organic chemical substance produced from hemp is called CBD. It doesn't produce a "high" because it has non-psychoactive characteristics. Marijuana is another useful plant variety of the cannabis genus. Cannabis and hemp, however, differ in their chemical composition and properties.

While marijuana and hemp both include small amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive chemical molecule that changes a user's normal brain function and has traces of CBD, hemp has higher levels of CBD.

How Many Times a Day Can You Apply CBD Cream?
CBD creams can be applied twice daily. You can apply them in the morning to moisturize your skin and cover microscopic cracks. The creams can be applied in the evening to remove dirt, oil, and bacteria from the skin.

Morning and evening applications have similar application techniques. Before using the cream, carefully read the product description and guidelines on how to use the cream. It is important to consider the product potency since it determines the amount of cream you can use during a singular application. You may need more cream during a single application if you use a lower-potency CBD cream.

Some people also consider applying the cream thrice daily, depending on the problem they wish to solve. However, if you are an athlete engaging in strenuous muscle exercises, applying the cream thrice daily may be effective in relieving muscle aches and reducing muscle soreness. You can also apply the cream before muscle workouts to warm the muscles.

Newbies should use a small amount and gradually increase their dosage as their body adapts to cannabidiol. You also need to be patient while using CBD cream since there is no 'one size fits all dosage. You can opt for stronger CBD creams if you need to enhance the integrity of their effects. However, CBD isolate creams are preferred since they only contain CBD as the primary chemical compound.

How Is CBD Cream Absorbed Through The Skin?

CBD creams penetrate the upper skin layers and deeper into the inner skin layers, interacting with the numerous nerve endings and receptors. The cream does not reach the bloodstream since it does not sink deeper into the innermost skin layers.

It is vital to wash your skin using soap and water before applying the cream. This ensures that the cream penetrates deeper skin layers and that no barriers affect the efficacy of the cream. Skin barriers include dirt, oil, and bacteria that clog the skin pores, reducing aeration and enhancing irritation.

Wash your hands before applying the cream to remove germs from your hands, which may be transferred onto your skin. Use your fingertips and gently apply the cream onto the target area. Keep a close eye on possible side effects, such as itchiness, rashes, and redness, although they rarely occur.

There is no need to rush while applying CBD creams. Allow the cream to absorb for about 5 minutes to ensure it penetrates the outer and inner skin layers.

How Many Creams Should I Use?

The amount of cream administered to your skin depends on your medical condition. For example, apply more cream to relieve acne since the cream has to penetrate the outer and inner skin layers to regulate sebum production. Overproduction of sebum leads to the build-up of bacteria, oil, and dirt that clog skin pores.

Where Should You Apply CBD Creams?
Apply CBD cream to your forehead, underarms, and face. When you're anxious, these areas are sure to experience muscle tension; applying CBD lotions may be very helpful.

Rub CBD lotion on your neck, shoulders, hips, and stomach. Since the length of contact affects the amount of CBD that permeates your skin, it is crucial to be patient and let the CBD cream for anxiety be fully absorbed.

The scalp is the best place to apply CBD cream because many blood arteries, sebaceous glands, and hair follicles create a bigger surface area for CBD to penetrate the skin effectively.

How Do CBD Creams Work?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS), a complex mechanism that controls various physiological functions, including breathing, metabolism, sleep, and digestion, interacts with CBD. The ECS comprises endocannabinoids, enzymes, and neurotransmitters that interact with CBD in various ways. CBD indirectly binds to the numerous CB2 receptors in the skin, peripheral nervous system, and other body tissues. This connection causes impulses to be transmitted to specific locations to reduce inflammation.

Medical Benefits of CBD Creams

Brave et al. (2019) suggested that CBD creams have moisturizing properties that enhance skin hydration.

Wang et al. (2020) showed that CBD creams have anti-inflammatory properties that alleviate inflammation.

Jastrząb et al. (2021) stated that CBD creams have anti-oxidant properties that remove free radicals which cause oxidative stress in the skin.

Spinella et al. (2021) revealed that CBD creams reduce anxiety and stress by relieving muscle tension and joint pains.

Do CBD Creams Contain THC?

CBD creams may contain traces of THC. However, they remain non-psychoactive since the creams do not reach the bloodstream, and CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound.

CBD isolate creams are often preferred to full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD cream since it only contains CBD as the primary chemical compound. O the other hand, full-spectrum CBD cream contains traces of THC and other chemical compounds, including CBC (cannabichromene) and terpenes. Broad-spectrum CBD also contains additional chemical compounds, except THC, since it is removed from it.

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD exhibit entourage effects since the chemical compounds in CBD work synergically to enhance its therapeutic effects.


CBD creams can be applied twice or thrice daily, depending on the medical condition being treated. You can apply it in the morning to rejuvenate the skin. Furthermore, the cream can be administered in the evening to reduce muscle tension and alleviate inflammation. Read the instructions before using the cream, and cleanse your skin to remove barriers such as oil, dirt, and bacteria. Wash your hands to remove germs, and apply a small amount of the cream to your fingertips while gently applying the cream to your skin. CBD creams are popular due to their analgesic, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.


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