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How Long Does It Take for CBD Capsules to Work for Anxiety

December 19, 2022 5 min read

How Long Does It Take for CBD Capsules to Work for Anxiety

How Long Does It Take for CBD Capsules to Work for Anxiety

How long CBD capsules take to work varies from person to person. This article explains how long CBD capsules take to work, factors affecting their duration, and CBD capsule dosage.

CBD is a compound derived from cannabis sativa plants well known for the therapeutic and healthy benefits it offers to the body. It is consumed in different forms, including CBD edibles, vapes, and topicals. Whether consumed orally, sublingually or applied directly to the skin, CBD is effective. Every form of cannabidiol takes a different path through the body. CBD capsules take longer to start working compared to other forms of consuming CBD, like CBD oil. When users consume CBD, it may take them longer to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

How Long Does It Take for CBD Capsules to Work for Anxiety

For individuals to start experiencing relief from anxiety, cannabidiol has to interact with the body's endocannabinoid system. How long CBD capsules take to work for anxiety or any other disorder varies from person to person. Some users may start experiencing the effects of CBD immediately or 2 to 3 minutes after taking CBD capsules, while for others, it may take them longer, like an hour, to start feeling the effects. In some methods like vaping, CBD vapor enters the bloodstream directly, where consumers start experiencing the effects more rapidly. According to Liu (2019), CBD capsules may take longer to start working since it has to enter the digestive system and then send to the bloodstream. Bartschi et al. (2022) showed that Individuals start feeling relief from anxiety1 to 2 hours after taking CBD capsules.

Factors Affecting How Long It Takes CBD Capsules to Work for Anxiety

Several factors affect how long CBD capsules start working. Individuals are very different in terms of body chemistry, metabolism and weight. According to Murphy & Le Foll (2020), the metabolic rate of users determines the duration required to synthesize and break down the compounds, which affects the duration it takes the body to metabolize and process cannabidiol. Users with high metabolism are likely to start feeling the effects very fast. This is because CBD is metabolized quickly, making individuals instant relief from anxiety, pain, and other disorders. According to Moltke & Hindocha (2021), consumers with low metabolic rates may take them to experience relief and enjoy other benefits of CBD. Active people, especially those who engage in active activities or do physical exercises daily, are likely to have a high metabolic rate, which helps their body break cannabidiol more quickly. Inactive individuals have low metabolic rates, and their CBD is likely to be processed at a very low rate. Individuals who want to experience the effects of CBD after few minutes after consuming it should engage themselves in active activities and physical exercises like going to the gym.

The quality of the product also determines how long CBD takes to start working. CBD products are not regulated, and individuals are advised to be very careful when selecting the product to consume. Poor products may take a long to work or may not be effective at all. A high-quality product should start working effectively a few minutes after consumption. When purchasing a CBD product, users should look for the best brand by visiting the CBD website and reading the reviews of different companies. A company with positive reviews is likely to sell high-quality products. Spending money on a high quality that will be effective and safe for consumption is good.

How often users consume the product determines how long CBD will start working. Individuals who frequently use CBD products are likely to start experiencing the effects of CBD more rapidly after consumption. It may take new users longer to see the effects. This is because the body has to adapt and tolerate CBD. Consistency consumption makes consumers start feeling the effects quickly.

The body weight of individuals also determines how long CBD will take to start working. Consumers with larger body mass must consume many CBD capsules to feel the potential effects.

CBD Capsule Dosage

There is no standard dosage for CBD capsules or any other CBD product. The dosage depends on the treated condition, the user's metabolism, body chemistry, and weight. When the condition being addressed is severe, it requires large dosages to be effective. Consumers with high metabolic rates require large dosages. This is because they metabolize CBD fast hence leaving the body quickly. Since there is no specific dosage for CBD products, individuals are advised to start with small amounts to see how the body responds to the body. They should increase the dosage if the small amount does not work and if the body responds well. Repeating this for at least a week, users can get the right dosage for their condition. Users should also consult the doctor before consuming any CBD product to help them determine the starting dosage.

Risks and Side Effects of CBD Capsules

CBD is safe for consumption, although some people report some side effects. Some side effects are common, while others are rare. The uncommon side effects may be brought by consuming poor-quality CBD products. The CBD industry is not regulated, and individuals should be very careful when selecting CBD products. Some of these products contain contaminants that may be unsafe for consumption. According to Millar et al. (2019),common side effects include dry mouth, drowsiness, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, and changes in appetite and weight. CBD also interacts with other medications. Individuals should stop using CBD products when under other medications. They are advised to consult the doctor before consuming any CBD product, whether under medications or not. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to stop consuming CBD. There is not enough research on how CBD may affect the mother and the baby, although the large quantities of THC in the CBD product may affect the baby's brain growth and the male fetus's reproductive system.


How long CBD capsules take to work varies from person to person. Individuals are different in terms of metabolism, body chemistry, body weight, and many others. Individuals with high metabolic rates are likely to experience effects a few minutes after the consumption. ThoseThose with low metabolic rates may wait for a long to start experiencing the effects. Individuals who exercise daily or engage in active activities are likely to have a high metabolic rate. This means active users start experiencing relief from anxiety, stress, and depression faster compared to dormant users. How often users consume CBD also determines how long it takes to start working. Consumers who consume CBD more frequently are likely to start seeing the effects of CBD after a few minutes. It may take new users longer to start experiencing the benefits of CBD. This is because CBD has to adapt to the body to be effective. They are advised to start at low dosages and increase gradually when the body responds well.


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