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Hemp Gummies Vs.CBD Gummies: What's the Difference?

December 16, 2022 5 min read

Hemp Gummies Vs.CBD Gummies: What's the Difference?

Hemp Gummies Vs.CBD Gummies: What's the Difference?

Hemp gummies and CBD gummies are different in their composition. This article explains the differences between hemp and CBD gummies and their uses.

Since the hemp plant was discovered as a potential source of health benefits, its use has greatly increased. Hemp is used in the food industry to manufacture edibles. In ancient times, the range of food products made from hemp was not wide; therefore, products like hemp and CBD were unavailable. CBD gummies and hemp gummies bring a lot of confusion about their composition and the benefits they offer. Their names may be used interchangeably, making it hard for people to know what they stand for.

Difference Between Hemp Gummies and CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are edibles infused with CBD and other compounds extracted from the hemp plant, while hemp Gummies are edibles infused with hemp seed oil. Although both products are different, their ingredients are mainly extracted from hemp. They both make the body respond to its functions optimally. Consider the following  to understand the difference between hemp and CBD gummies;

Their Active Ingredients

CBD gummies contain cannabidiol as the main active compound in the flowers of a mature hemp plant. CBD can be found on the flower surface coated by trichomes. During the extraction process, trichomes are broken down to form a thick cannabidiol liquid. Manufacturers infuse this liquid into the gummies. Fruit juices, organic canes, and concentrates make them tasty and sweet. This makes them have a good flavor. CBD gummies can be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolates, depending on the extracts used.

Full spectrum CBD gummies contain CBD and other natural compounds in a hemp plant, like terpenes and flavonoids. Broad-spectrum CBD gummies contain all other compounds in the hemp plant except THC. CBD isolates gummies only contain the CBD compound, and therefore there are considered pure.

Hemp gummies are different as they contain hemp seed oil. Hemp seeds do not have CBD or THC compounds, so hemp gummies do not contain these compounds.


Hemp seed oils are extracted from hemp seeds using a cold press mechanical method, while CBD oil is extracted using ethanol or carbon (iv) oxide.

Their Uses

CBD gummies are for therapeutic purposes and supplement the user's general health. In contrast, hemp gummies add nutritional value to the user's diet, including fatty acids, vitamins, and trace minerals from the hemp plant. Both products are unique, but they greatly value the user's health.

Uses of Hemp Gummies

Best (2022) proved that hemp gummies could be used to provide the following health benefits:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Easier digestion
  • Better skin health

Hemp gummies are not as versatile as CBD gummies. They have a nutty taste making them less appealing to most people. However, favors can be added to them to make them taste better. The hemp seed oil contains high amounts of fatty acids, vitamins, and other minerals that are useful diet supplements. Alagawany et al. (2019) suggested that hemp seed oil improves cardiovascular health because of the available omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 also offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Improves Brain Functions

Omega 3 and omega 6, contained in hemp seed oil, help to improve the brain's functioning. You can obtain a combination of omega 3 and 6 by taking hemp gummies. Sarter et al. (2015) stated that fatty acids are also important in improving brain functions. Taking hemp gummies can help people experiencing forgetfulness, confusion, lack of concentration, and mental clarity issues.

Checking the label on the hemp gummy can help you know the kind of benefits you expect to get when taking them.

Uses of CBD Gummies

Pain Relief

People take CBD gummies to alleviate pain. According to Zenon et al. (2021), CBD gummies interact with the endocannabinoid system controlling body functions such as pain. CBD gummies help with pain by reducing inflammation. CBD interacts with the ECS to prevent the release of pro-inflammatory compounds called cytokines. This reduces pain caused by inflammations. CBD helps reduce redness and swelling associated with inflammations.

Improves Sleep

Although more research needs to be done to prove the effectiveness of CBD gummies in improving sleep, according to Moltke &Hindocha (2021), CBD is helpful for people suffering from sleep disorders. Taking gummies before sleeping can lower blood pressure causing slower breathing. This can make users sleep faster. Taking CBD gummies can help the body to release a sleep hormone called melatonin. This can make you have a better moment of deep sleep.

Reduce Anxiety

Blessing et al. (2015) stated that CBD makes serotonin available in the body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that facilitates emotional control and feeling of pressure. Serotonin makes the mood stable, reducing anxiety.

Alternate to Toxic Drug Abuse

Lorenzetti et al. (2022) showed that  CBD gummies could help addicts quit using harmful drugs and substances causing serious damage to the body.

Helpful to Athletes

CBD gummies are helpful to people undergoing strenuous muscular activities. It enhances the performance of CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, easing wear and tear in muscles and tendons.

Enhances Quality of Life

CBD effect is felt in every part of the body after it gets into the ECS. It helps to improve the mental condition and energizes the body making you more productive in your daily activities.


Hemp and CBD gummies are great products to take regularly for healthy living. Buy gummies from a reputable company to avoid buying harmful products. Ensure you buy CBD gummies that are lab tested by a third party. Some manufacturers take advantage of the non-regulation of CBD products and use hemp oil instead of CBD oil to manufacture CBD gummies. This is why you might find CBD gummies that are unrealistically cheaper than normal. Although CBD gummies and hemp gummies are effective in the body, they do not give the effect immediately. The user needs to consume them daily to get their full benefit.


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