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Can You Use CBD Cream When You're Pregnant?

December 17, 2022 5 min read

Can You Use CBD Cream When You're Pregnant?

Can You Use CBD Cream When You're Pregnant?

There has not been enough research that CBD cream or other CBD product is safe for pregnant women. This article explains what CBD is, if CBD is safe for pregnant women, side effects and benefits of CBD.

CBD is considered safe for human consumption, although there has not been enough research on whether it is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. CBD offers therapeutic and healthy benefits to the human body. It is gaining popularity in the wellness and health realm. CBD is among many compounds in the Cannabis Sativa plant, and its list of potential benefits and uses continues to develop. Unlike THC, cannabidiol does not make individuals feel high. It assists in alleviating nausea, pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and symptoms of other health disorders. Some people may wonder if it may be safe during pregnancy, with many individuals turning to cannabidiol for relief from numerous mental and physical disorders. Experts warn pregnant breastfeeding women against cannabis products, including CBD.

What Is CBD?

According to Marinotti& Serial (2020), CBD is derived from Cannabis Sativa plants. THC is also derived from the same plant but has intoxicating effects. CBD does not make individuals high since it does not contain THC; if any, it is in small amounts that cannot make individuals feel high. CBD can be consumed in different forms, such as edibles, drinks, vapes, and topicals. They all deliver cannabidiol to the body. Their main difference is the way they are consumed. CBD is available in three market types: Full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD is mostly used due to its potent benefits. It contains small amounts of THC, making its effects more powerful and effective, resulting in the entourage effect. However, CBD isolates and broad-spectrum CBD products are the better alternatives for users who don't like to take the product with THC.

Can You Use CBD Cream When You're Pregnant?

According to Joseph &Vettraino (2020), pregnant or breastfeeding women should notuse any CBD product. Although CBD is well known for its potential benefits to the human body, there has not been enough research that it is safe for pregnant women. CBD cream is applied directly into the skin and absorbed through the opened pores. It interacts with the nearby cannabinoid receptors and does not enter the bloodstream. Pregnant women use CBD cream to reduce stretch marks and localized discomfort during pregnancy. This is because they claim CBD does not enter the bloodstream, so it will not affect them and the baby.Although some people prefer this method to be safer when pregnant, experts advise individuals to stop using CBD products completely. When CBD is taken orally, it enters the bloodstream. This is dangerous, especially for pregnant women. CBD can penetrate the placenta, interfering with the baby. Some CBD products contain some THC levels. It penetrates the placenta causing complications for the baby and the mother, like affecting the development of the baby's brain, increasing the chances of premature birth, and affecting the male reproductive system. CBD can contain contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria, which may penetrate the placenta, causing harm to the baby. When CBD is taken in high dosages, it causes complications in the male fetus' reproductive system. It is best for pregnant women to refrain from any CBD product.

Breastfeeding women should also avoid taking CBD products. This is because they can contain large quantities of THC and impurities like pesticides, bacteria, heavy materials, and fungus that can penetrate the breast milk, causing harm to the baby. The primary concern for using CBD cream and other CBD products is that CBD affects women's hormones, such as estrogen, associated with reproductive health. Although the endocannabinoid system ensures appropriate reproduction functions and hormonal balance, consuming cannabidiol during pregnancy can disturb hormones and break that threshold. CBD products are legal in the UK but are not regulated. Individuals can get a product of poor quality that may not be safe for them and their babies. Some pregnant women claim that CBD may help them fight food aversions, anxiety, stress, pain, sleeplessness, and morning sickness. There has been insufficient research on whether CBD products may be safe for the baby and the mother.Individuals should consult the doctor before consuming any CBD product when pregnant.

Side Effects of CBD

Huestis et al. (2019) suggested that although CBD products are considered safe for human consumption, some individuals report side effects like changes in appetite and weight, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, dry mouth, and drowsiness. CBD interacts with other medications. Individuals should always consult the doctor before using any CBD product, whether breastfeeding or pregnant. These side effects may not be effective immediately,especially when individuals are experiencing a lack of sleep, tenacious pregnancy sickness, and pain.

Benefits of CBD Cream

CBD cream is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It treats chronic pain. People prefer CBD cream to CBD oil since they can apply it to the affected region and receive instant relief. Most athletes use CBD cream to reduce muscle and joint soreness after an active exercise. It makes their muscles relax and ready for another exercise. It also treats pain associated with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, headaches, and back pains.

According to Cream (2020), CBD cream treats skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema, sunburns, rashes, and inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for treating these conditions. It also reduces signs of aging by removing blemishes and wrinkles, leaving individuals with a smooth and youthful appearance. It also has hydrating characteristics that make skin look moisturized and more attractive.

Williams & Nutbrown (2021) claimed that CBD helps individuals relax when applied to the skin. This relaxation makes individuals fall asleep more easily. It helps most individuals with insomnia. Pain reduction in the body makes individuals feel more comfortable and rest well.


CBD cream is safe for human consumption, although there is not enough research that it is safe or not for pregnant and breastfeeding women. People prefer using CBD cream or any other CBD product since they do not enter the bloodstream, so it may not affect the baby. Davis et al. (2020) recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women avoid any CBD products. There is not enough information on how CBD affects the baby. Some research indicates that CBD products can have large quantities of THC and contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, fungus, and bacteria that can penetrate the placenta, causing harm to the baby. It can affect the male fetus' productive system and the baby's brain growth. They should avoid consuming any CBD product. Whether pregnant or not, it is good to consult the doctor before using any CBD product.


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