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A Complete Guide to Vaping CBD

December 19, 2022 5 min read

A Complete Guide to Vaping CBD

A Complete Guide to Vaping CBD

Individuals who do not want to smoke cigarettes vape CBD. This guide discusses vaping CBD, including; CBD juice,the types of CBD vape juice, and the advantages of CBD vaping.

The number of users who take CBD products is continuously increasing. These products include CBD edibles, topicals, tablets, and vapes taken differently to combat medical conditions. Vaping the cannabinoid is the best way to combat body discomfortsrequiring an immediate response. Therefore, most vapers want to get the most out of vaping CBD by selecting the right device and researching more about the vape juice. Vaping is different from smoking.  It produces no smoke and has minimal side effects when utilized as complementary medicine.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active chemical compound existing naturally in cannabis strains and over 100 other cannabinoids. In 2018, the UK government allowed the use of CBD products containing less than 0.2% THC for public consumption. The product should contain CBD derived from the hemp plant, which is highly concentrated. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is an illegal compound largely associated with highness, tension, and paranoia among marijuana smokers. Hilderbrand et al. (2018) stated that cannabidiol has no mind-altering effects but can reduce the psychoactive effects and high dependency caused by smoking marijuana.  Upon extraction of CBD, the compound is highly diluted with organic carrier oils to create concentrated oil to be infused in making products like edibles, topicals, tinctures, capsules, concentrates, and vaping devices like vape pods.

Understanding Vaping CBD

Vaping is the popular and quickest way to harness the therapeutic effects of CBD. It involves inhaling vapor produced by heating CBD e-liquid enclosed in vaping devices. According to Boyer et al. (2020), vaping CBDdiffers from smoking and has no major effects on the respiratory system,but it is used to soothe breathing discomforts. Leas et al. (2021) explained that CBD molecules are absorbed immediately after vaping into the bloodstream through the lung tissues, and within 2 to 5 minutes, the effects of CBD will kick in.

What Is CBD Vape Juice?

CBD vape juice or e-liquid is a less viscous liquid enclosed in small electronic devices and contains CBD as the major active ingredient. They are a delicious way to take CBD because they cover the bad earthy taste of cannabis plants. The vape juices are blended with variousflavors with different aromas for users to choose from. Vape juice contains various minor ingredients depending on the brand. The minor ingredients to be featured in most CBD vape juices are:

  • Propylene glycol (PG) is an odorless and colorless liquid used to provide a throat hit while vaping. It allows users to benefit from the cannabinoid without any dangerous additives.
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG): it is food addictive that mimics vegetable oil and is mainly used to thicken CBD vape juice in creating dense vapor clouds.
  • Natural flavors are flavorings used for aromatherapy and are an alternative to synthetic flavors that are harmful to human consumption.

Standard CBD oil should not be vaped. The oil does not contain the above ingredients can cause some health risks since you are simply inhaling hot oil into the lungs. Ordinary CBD oil is viscous and dense to be heated by vaping devices. Therefore, vaping industries subject CBD oil to high pressure to further split the cannabinoid molecules in making less viscous vaping juice.

Types of CBD Vape Juice

Companies use different extraction methods in creating CBD for vaping. Therefore, there are three types of CBD vape juice in the cannabis market, depending on the brand. The most commonly used methods include cold pressing (contaminating the vape juice with all plant cannabinoids) and the CO2 extraction technique.

  • The three popular types of CBD vape juice include:
  • Isolated CBD vape juice comprises only CBD molecules without contaminating other plant phytochemicals. So, it ensures that the e-liquid contains high CBD potency.
  • Full-spectrum CBD vape juice: contains all cannabinoids in the hemp plant, including small traces of THC. Therefore, the resulting vape juice is highly viscous and requiresa sub-ohm device for vaping. It allows the users to benefit from other therapeutic effects of other cannabinoids but imposes a risk of getting high from THC.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD vape juice lies in the middle of the other two CBD vape juice since it contains almost all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids with no traces of THC. It is most recommended since it provides users with entourage erects and different plant aromas with no risk of getting high.

Devices Used for Vaping CBD

There are different types of vaporizers in the cannabis market, but the most commonly used are:

  • CBD vape pens are disposable or rechargeable electronic devices that are small and pen-shaped, containing cartridges filled with CBD e-liquid. The e-liquid is heated by an atomizer powered by a battery to produce a vapor inhaled through a small opening (Mouthpiece) directly into the lung.
  • CBD vape pods are pre-filled carts or cartridges that the same vape pen brand produces. They provide a superb first-time vaping experience and are best suited for beginners.

Advantages of Vaping CBD

There are various ways to take CBD. They include sublingually; placing CBD oil drops under the tongue, topically; applying directly into the skin, and ingesting CBD edibles. According to Choi et al. (2021), vaping is  the most recommended method because of the following reasons:

Good Flavours

CBD vape juice is infused with a range of flavors with delicious aromas. They mask CBD oil's earthy bitter taste. They are preferred to sublingually swallowing CBD oil.

Fast Onset Time

vaping is the fastest way to incorporate cannabinoids into the bloodstream. Gomes et al. (2015) showed that CBD effects would kick in within 2 to 5 minutes. Unlike ingesting CBD edibles, vaping bypasses the breakdown of digestion and liver metabolism processes.

Discrete and Convenient

Vaping devices are small, easy to use, and do not produce smoke while heating CBD vape juice. Therefore, you can harness the benefit of CBD in public places without drawing attention.

Increased Bioavailability

A single puff of vape contains high doses of CBD. Therefore vaping CBD incorporatesa large amount of CBD molecules into the body system in the short period possible.


CBD products are becoming popular, and there are various ways to consume them. Vaping is common and involves heating CBD vape juice with electronic devices like vape pens to produce vapor inhaled directly into the body through lung tissues.  While there are some minimal drawbacks of vaping CBD, vaping is a discrete, convenient, and quickest way to harness the therapeutic effects of CBD. Consult your doctor on dosage clarification and health status before trying CBD vaping.


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